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Weird Niche: Breast Art?

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acrylic-paintThis week's Weird Niche Wednesday is all about Breasts.  But, get your mind out of the gutter already. 😉 While the female form is beautiful and all that, my mom reads this blog.

I spoke with the creator of Breast Pals, Angel Tolentino back in 2005, and am so thankful to find her site still in operation. I love clever people and I really really love clever people who are also humanitarians – and who have a killer sense of humor.

So, let me tell you about Breast Pals. Angel paints with her breasts (it's actually pretty funny) and then donates all proceeds to Breast Cancer Charity. She's obviously got an amazing sense of humor. You've got to read the Frequently Asked Questions, where she gets asked what size her “Paintbrushes” are and what she'll do when she's in her sixties.

You guys know I can't do this one justice, so I'll just send you over to Breast Pals to see for yourself. It's pretty PG-rated, especially if you don't know what exactly you're looking at so don't worry about your young kids walking by. However, if you've got a 12 year old son, like I do… you might want to wait until he leaves the room. He'll probably notice he likes the logo very quickly.

Here you go.. Breast Pals

I've already gifted my buddy, Spider, with art from this store. It's a great conversation piece, for sure.

Now, while I don't necessarily recommend you start throwing paint on yourself and rolling ‘nekked' on a canvas – at least not unless you have nice water-based paints! 😉  Nonetheless, this is certainly an Unusual Niche that had to be talked about.

Lesson of the day–

Creativity + sense of humor + a social cause = Free advertising for your blog




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