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Marketing Monday: Winn-Dixie For the Win.

Today's marketing win is from Winn-Dixie and it's a great example of offering your customers EXACTLY what they want.

We got this in the mail – which is similar to what many other chains do, but they did it even better.


My husband got this in the mail, opened it, and it was full of coupons that were EXACTLY the products we buy. Not things they thought we *might* be interested in, but actually stuff we buy and things that go along with the stuff we buy regularly.

He grabbed it and ran it in to my office.

“Nik, look at this. I can just take this right to the store and it's like a shopping list for me.”

And that's exactly what he did, which is why I can't scan and show you the inside. It's completely empty. 😉

What do you think?

  • Do you think this would be effective or not?
  • Would you have noticed this?
  • Would you have used it?
  • What would you do to make this piece more effective?

Relate it to your business… 

  • Is your lead and customer followup extremely targeted or is it all over the place? For instance, I signed up to learn about natural pet care and what I really wanted was just tips about dogs, since that's what I have. But they've been sending me tips about everything from birds to ferrets to horses.. and I've stopped opening their emails.
  • Are you offering very highly targeted opportunities for your peeps?

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Talk to me. 🙂

Nicole Dean

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  • Alex Roberts

    “Do you think this would be effective or not?”

    Absolutely! This is the scariest and yet coolest thing I’ve seen lately. It’s been going on on the net for a year or two now, but what really intrigues me is – how the heck is Winn Dixie tracking all that? Do you guys have a rewards card or something that they can use to tie your address to your receipts?

    “Would you have noticed this?”

    Honestly… no. I pretty much sort my mail into two piles when I retrieve it from the box – the “this is mail” pile, and “that’s the trash can” pile. I often don’t even open it to know the difference.

    Would you have used it?

    If I noticed it? Absolutely! If a provider of products or services that I already like were to provide me with a tailored list of coupons specifically targeting the very things I want to buy anyway – the rest of the providers of those same services or products would immediately take a back seat. “THIS one makes my life easier and saves me money all in one shot and I don’t even have to work for it. These guys ROCK.”

    “What would you do to make this piece more effective?”

    Find a way to break free from the “this is the trash can” pile. The ONE failing is that it will show up blended perfectly into a whole pile of rubbish that you never even read to begin with. Just like a legitimate email sitting stuck in your spam box. That’s the kicker – find a way OUT of the spam box and it’ll be a game changer.

    …That’s my feedback. Now I wish we had a Winn Dixie near where I live. I’d be all over that!

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