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Affiliate Marketing: Independent Reviews

I received a question today about reviewing products before promoting them as an affiliate and I thought that it was such a good question that I'd talk about it over here.

Here's the question…

I have purchased Affiliatenaire, Membernaire, and Homepreneur Habits, so I feel pretty confident in writing reviews about them.

However I really know nothing about Small Reports Fortune, List Profit System, or Outsource Weekly.

Do I need to purchase those to be able to write about and be an affiliate for those products?

My husband and I just went through a bankruptcy and our brick and mortar business has become very slow, so right now, buying those is not an option, although, I would like to some day. I am hoping that I can generate enough to be able to pay for my membership in Affiliatenaire and Membernaire because I am learning so much and feel like I am finally able to do something that will generate some income.

Thank you for all that you and Jimmy do for us. I for one certainly appreciate it.

Here's my response….

Regarding your questions of buying up all of the courses, take your time. Please. It seems like I've been talking people out of buying courses lately more than talking them into buying, but you need to keep your roof over your head and implement what you've already learned before buying more.

If money is tight, then hold off on writing your own affiliate product reviews and, instead, post the following to your blog.

  • Set up text interviews with experts. (I'd be happy to do an interview if you email me a few questions.)
  • Give away free reports, audios and videos from Brandable Stuff.
  • Record short audios or videos on your PC and post them to your blog. You can do tutorials, video reviews, audio interviews, videos with a flip camera of your office or you, anything that you can imagine related to your blog topic.
  • Review other courses that you've taken even free online courses.
  • Post free reprint articles from or Free Reprint Articles by Women – I always recommend that you write your own introduction though, when posting reprint articles.
  • Review business books that you can get from the library.
  • Buy some cheap business PLR here or grab this free PLR from my site.

That will keep you growing your blog (and keeping your focus) without breaking the bank, until you can afford to purchase more courses and review them properly.

Nicole Dean

PS. We do provide drafts of product reviews in Jimmy D. Brown's affiliate center, but of course recommend that you review the course personally for best results.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Danielle

    Thanks for this great answer. I have been wanting to really get into building an affiliate business and this helps clarify some things for me!

    Danielle’s last blog post..Saturday 9

  • Chris Cobb

    I think you should add some value either through a review, a case study, a testimonial, or a tip in order to assist in the decision making process. You do this very well.

    This post provides some very good ideas other than a personal review of the product if that is not possible.

    Chris Cobb’s last blog post..Cagora-Free Apprentice Program

  • Jackie

    Wow Nicole,

    You never cease to amaze me! Those are some kick ass resources. THANKS! I’ve bookmarked and tweeted. 😉


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