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Which Webinar Service Is the Best? Try them Free.

It’s another Expert Briefs, where I ask really smart business owners to answer your burning questions.

This week I asked our panel of experts…

“We all know that Webinars can bring in huge profits.

The big problem is figuring out
the technology behind it.

So What Software or Tool do you Use to Run Your Webinars?”

I think you'll enjoy the responses. I found them fascinating myself. (And the best part is that you can try most of these recommended webinar services totally free to figure out which works best for YOU.) I hope it helps!

Awesome Resource:

If you’d like “Done for You” webinars that include scripts and powerpoint slides – be sure to check out PLR for Teleseminars and Webinars – all you have to do is read the scripts while showing the slides. Webinars couldn’t get any easier.

Here are the responses…

Karon-black-225-framedKaron Thackston of Step-by-Step Copywriting Course says:

I use GoToWebinar.

  • I've tried WebEx and had multiple horrible experiences.
  • I also test drove Adobe Connect and didn't think it had the flexibility of GTW.

While everybody has their own preference, GoToWebinar works best for me. I've used it for years.

Karon Uses –

GoToWebinar Free Trial

Click here to try GotoWebinar free

bobBob Jenkins of Teleseminar Formula says:

I love teaching virtual workshops and free one-off classes with webinars and teleseminars.

For webinars, where I want to demonstrate a particular software or online tool live, I use GoToWebinar (GTW).

I also prefer using GTW when I want more interaction with the participants. The downsides of GTW are: it's not technically fool proof for my audience, and it doesn't do a great job of recording. So I use Camtasia to record simultaneously to the broadcast.

For teleseminars and webinars where I can use slides and screenshots (as opposed to live demos), I use WelcomeToTheCall (WTTC).

This is much easier tech for both me and the audience, and the recording is not only done by the system, but the replay is available immediately. The downsides of WTTC are: the chatroom is pretty lame, and you don't get to show a spontaneous demo based on a user's question since the viewing screen is determined by pre-loaded slides. However, the instant replay feature and the fact that people can call in to a variety of local numbers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and on Skype make it a great system for most simple presentations.

Bob Uses –

GoToWebinar Free Trial

Click here to try GotoWebinar free


Click here to try WelcomeToTheCall free

LainLain Ehmann of Crafting Your Business, Step-by-Step says:

I use Webex's Event Center, developed by Cisco.

It is WAY more than what most people need (and what most people will want to pay!) but it is exactly what *I* need for my monthly free “scrapinars” and my multi-day virtual events.

When selecting your webinar platform, I suggest making a list of your criteria, including:

-How many “seats” do you need? (I need room for up to 1000!)

-What are you sharing? Audio and slideshows, live video, pre-recorded video? (I share all of those)

-Do you need the ability to let your audience chat with one another? (My audience considers the chat to be one of the best parts of the event!)

-Will it work on Mac and PC?

-Will it work on iPhone/iPad?

-Can you record?

-Can you have multiple presenters or hosts? (I host other teachers, so I need to be able to share the mike.)

-How much do you want to spend?

-What kind of support do you get? (I have 24/7 support for my attendees, a must-have for paid events)

-How stable is the platform? (Some of the “freebie” solutions are worth what you pay for them! Nothing.)

It may seem insane to some people when I tell them I pay almost $500 a month for my webinar service, but it's worth it. Just as location, location, location is everything in a brick-and-mortar business, my webroom is my storefront and it has to work, be dependable, and allow me to communicate with my audience in the way I want to.

Lain Uses  –

Click here to try WebEx Event Center

FeliciaFelicia Slattery of Signature Speech Secrets says:

I know there are so many platforms for webinars and many have tons of bells and whistles, but I'm a simple gal and too much technology scares me (I'll admit it!).

However, in a survey I did in January 2013, I found most people in my market (speakers, authors, experts) prefer by a wide margin to consume content via webinars (even more than blogging, teleseminars, and podcasts, all of which were also high on the list).

So for my time and comfort level, I prefer Instant Teleseminar for my webinars.

It's easy to put together a slide show presentation (I use PowerPoint) and upload it and show the slides during my webinar. It also records the slides and audio simultaneously and I don't have to do any work after it's over to make sure the folks registered can watch the replay any time. Plus, if I want to limit the amount of time any replay is available, all I have to do is click one button and it's gone from public view. Click again, and it's back. Super simple; super easy.

Felicia Uses –


Click here to try Instant Teleseminar for $1

connieConnie Ragen Green of Affiliate Marketing Case Studies says:

I host one or two webinars every week and have been using Citrix (GoTo Webinar) since 2008.

However, the audio is not the quality I need, so I use Instant Teleseminar to record the audio and then ‘marry' it to the video I record during the webinar using Camtasia, It all sounds very technical, but it's very simple to do once you've done it a few times.

Connie Uses –

GoToWebinar Free Trial

Click here to try GotoWebinar free



Click here to try Instant Teleseminar for $1

Jeanette S. Cates, PhD of Webinars Made Simple says:

I use GotoWebinar for webinars.

I've used them since 2006 when I first started doing webinars.

I've used many other webinar services when I've taught online courses as a contractor or guest. And I've tried just about every other webinar service that has come onto the market. But I continue to prefer GotoWebinar.

They are reliable, with good quality audio and video, and provide support that is time-critical when you need it. Since I record all of my webinars and turn them into products, I need to be able to depend on a professional solution.

Jeanette Uses –

GoToWebinar Free Trial

Click here to try GotoWebinar free

LynnetteLynette Chandler of Tech Based Marketing says:

I was very lucky to be one of the early adopters for Meeting Burner and got in during their Beta testing.

Over the last few weeks I finally switched to using Meeting Burner exclusively.

I really like how quick it is to get going and almost each session, my experience as a presenter has been positive. Recordings have been a snap and customer service is great. After a session one day, I completed their feedback form which is presented to you after every meeting. I never expected any response from that but sure enough got someone really helpful.

At this point, I wish they had 3 things.

1. Ability to schedule recurring meeting (since I hold my sessions every week it's a chore to keep setting it up. Good thing you can duplicate the meetings)

2. Record audio without the conference bridge.

3. An intermediate plan between the Pro and the Premier or a better value (more number of seats) for the Pro plan.

Lynette Uses –

Click here to try Meeting Burner free

NicoleNicole Dean of .. here! .. says:

Normally this is where I sum up and anchor the post with my “expert” opinion.

But the truth is that I asked this question because I wanted to know the responses, myself. 🙂

I currently use GotoWebinar, but I don't find it very intuitive, so I was thinking of checking out some of the competition.

I DO want to be able so show demonstrations on my screen, so it looks like Welcome to the Call and Instant Teleseminar won't work for my needs.

I'll be checking out Meeting Burner, and will let you know what I think.

For your reference, here is everything mentioned in this post…

Webinar Services that you can try free:

Webinar Service that you can try for $1:

People who Contributed in order of last name (go check them out):


PS. Disclaimer – I did my best to provide accurate info on this post.  Please comment if you would like to share your experiences. 🙂

PS again. If you want to know more about what tools other successful marketers are using, check out these posts:

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Donna Price

    Thanks Nicole and all of the contributors.

    I’ve used several services. I used GoToWebinar for a while. I ALWAYS had trouble with it. I have a new computer and still whenever I register for a webinar using GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting I KNOW that I need to arrive 15 minutes early in order to download the software, WAIT for my computer to connect and sometimes it takes two or three times before I am able to get onto the meeting. I hate when I forget and am then late for the webinar or meeting. I think the service is too expensive for the hassle that it provides. I have seen an improvement in being able to record the webinar and access the recording and often I will skip the live meeting because the recording is easier to access.

    I use TalkFusion for my webinars and video conferences. It has video capability, video email video blogs, and a video conference room that I can bring 10 people onto the screen, share my desktop, share presentations and videos and record, and I can have 1000 attendees. I love that I can have video feed of the presenter on screen during the presentation. I think it adds a more personal touch, increases credibility…etc.

    I found that TalkFusion had an upfront cost that was more than the other services but after that I save over $150 on the other services that I was using to accomplish the same things…, paying just $35 per month. It also has a business side to it, that I haven’t really worked but there is a nice business model for those that want to add that as a stream of income…

    I continue to use TalkFusion because — I save money, it is easy for my guests to access, it has high quality back office program (looks different from other services, so there is a learning curve but once you figure it out, it’s pretty easy) and there are the other features — video email, video newsletters, branded templates, video auto-responders etc…I have watched the TalkFusion platform improve and expand over the last 3 years. They continue to innovate and compete.

    Thanks for the great article and info…

  • Eric Ruth

    Question for you and your fellow experts, Nicole… what about using Google Hangouts for webinars? I’ve been on a couple of them recently (as a viewer, not presenter), and they seem to offer the same benefits as a GoTo Webinar, plus they are accessible in youtube afterwards. What are your thoughts on this as a solution? Oh yeah, I believe it’s also free.


  • Samantha

    I have been toying with doing webinars so this is a great round up. I have signed up for Meeting Burner but haven’t used it yet. This list gives me others to look into. The thing for me is just jumping in and doing it.

  • Deborah

    Very helpful brief! Thank you for pulling this together. I plan to explore these options myself.

  • Sharon

    Thanks for this post, Nicole. I’m planning on hosting my first webinar in May (I’ve been a co-speaker in a couple) and I wasn’t sure which service to use. I’ll test-drive these and make my decision. Thank you!

  • Sharon McMillan

    I’ve used Adobe Connects in the past with much frustration. Choosing another service has been on my to-do list for too long. Thanks for putting up a truly valuable post – I’m sure it will help many trying to make a decision.

  • Stephanie Treasure

    This was a great post! I wanted to know the pros and cons of the various options myself as I incorporate webinars and teleseminars into my business. I think Lain Ehmann said it best when she said, start with a list of “your criteria” and shop around from there. Each expert shared the pros and cons of their preferred platform according to their business needs and what would work for their audience.

    Thanks again for sharing this post.

  • Marc Norris

    Your post was very timely for me as I was looking for some recommendations as to what would be the best webinar service. Sometimes I wish there was some way to compare each company side by side to get a better overall view as to which service would be suitable for my needs.

    I do love the fact that you were able to get opinions from multiple people – that definitely helps with making a decision as to which one I’ll use.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Jack Bastide


    Great Info!

    I really like this Expert Briefs format

    Great way to get high quality content for your blog 🙂

    Jack Bastide

  • Jon Dawson

    i was very wary off doing webinars but after reading this post i have decided to do my first one thank you very much, much appreciated

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