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Case Study: How I Wrote My Book. The Inside Scoop

Hi. 🙂  Last month, I announced to my lists that my new book is available. Yay!!!


My good friend, Rachel Rofe (who will be a guest on my podcast in a few weeks) is one of the contributors to my new book. Last week, she asked me a few questions about how I got other people to write so much of my book for me.

She wanted to use it as a case study for her customers who bought her course -> Hands Off Kindle Publishing – to show that you CAN create Kindle books without doing all the work yourself.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Creating A Great Book: Case Study

Thank you again for your interest in Hands Off Books.

As a valued customer of mine and Nicole’s, my aim is to provide you with as much value as possible.

So along those lines, we wanted to share a case study with you.

See, Nicole Dean just released an excellent book called Expert Briefs: Blogging For Profit.

I bought this book and thought Nicole did an excellent job with it.

And as I was going through it, I realized there was SO MUCH you could learn from the way Nicole put this all together.

She was brilliant about it.  In fact, I was a contributor to the book and didn’t even remember until she told me.

(And THAT, my friends, is a perfect way to make it low-stress for contributors. 🙂 )

Because I felt there’s a lot you could learn from this launch, I asked Nicole if she’d be open to being interviewed for your benefit.

She graciously agreed, and here we are.

So let’s get started…

Rachel: Can you tell me a little bit about the book you decided to create?

Nicole: Of course. I have a series on my blog called “Expert Briefs” and have been posting it since June of 2010.

In it, each week, I ask a group of successful online business owners one question. They each send in their answers if they have something worth sharing to a dedicated email address for this purpose. My Virtual Assistant compiles the responses into a blog post in the order of how the emails are received.
Note from Rachel:
Nicole makes this SO easy for people. Here’s an example of one of her emails…

You can read the full case study, here:


Right Click and Save the pdf:
Nicole Dean Book Case Study (pdf)

I appreciate you much. THANK YOU for sharing this day with me.

Nicole Dean

PS. Here are the Kindle Resources that I Recommend –

These are my favorite Kindle resources that I’ve personally bought and enjoyed. All just happen to be by Rachel. :)

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Stacie Walker

    Hello Nicole,

    I just discovered your blog today via Twitter. I am not sure how I have missed you on the internet. Thank you for providing valuable information in this post. My first book will hit the market in June. You have opened my eyes and my brain to new ideas. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I look forward to learning much about you. You have gained a new follower:)

    Enjoy your week.

    Many Blessings,

    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership

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