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I’ve got NOTHING to write about in my Newsletter this week!

Do you ever have that dilemma when you have NOTHING to say for your newsletter and just feel BLAH?

When that happens, there's a solution for you. Free reprint articles. You can use these articles on your website, blog, or even your newsletter. If you have a printed newsletter that you mail out, you can use them there, too. The only rule is that you don't change the article at all, and that you include the author's resource box AND link to their site.

Here are some places you can find free reprint articles – – Free reprint articles by women – Health articles

And, one of my favorites – — and the bonus here is that ALL of these articles have affiliate programs tied with them. So, when you include that link, you can use YOUR affiliate link for their program. Articles that make you money when you publish them. Not a bad deal, eh?

Use as many as you need. That's what they're there for.
Talk soon,

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