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Summertime — Keep that Business Booming

I know it's hard to keep things going when the kids are home, and the gorgeous weather is calling. Heck, I head to the pool every chance I get.

However, summer is also the time when you can get ahead of the competition! While they're lazying away the days, you can get things in place to be light years ahead of them by fall.

How do you do this? One big part is planning and scheduling. I know… yuck. I hate it, too.

However, if you know you'll only have an hour each day to work your business, then think of the ONE thing you can do that will impact your bottom line.

If you're in Direct Sales that means PICKING UP THE PHONE. That's the best way to get those events booked and get your schedule rockin'.

If you're in Internet Marketing like me, then you may need to do some rotating.
Write and Submit Articles
Post to your Blogs
Add content to your websites
Add content to your autoresponders

Got an online store?
Do a little promoting of your site every day. Whether you write and submit articles, write a press release, or promote your affiliate program, get the word out.

Get things in place so your business is building, a little each day.

Yes, we have the flexibility to work our businesses when we want to, but sometimes that can bite us in the butt by allowing us the flexibility to NOT work our businesses as well.

Get going. I'm cheering you on!

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