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FAQ: Using PLR Articles to Get Traffic

Today I have a guest blog post from Alice Seba.

Alice is a long-time business acquaintance turned friend.

She’s in the PLR business as well, and specializes in -> Step-by-Step PLR Bundles with Photos and Screenshots but she has so much more, too.

Today she's here to answer questions about how to use your PLR Articles to generate traffic.

Here's Alice.

Using PLR Articles to Get Traffic


by Alice Seba

QUESTION 1:  Is rewriting PLR necessary in order to get traffic from it?

No, definitely not.

I actually find it a little bit bizarre that people spend their hard-earned money on some quality PLR content and then either spend a lot of time or even more money to have it completely rewritten.  Not only does rewriting suck up a lot of resources (time or money), it also diminishes the quality of the content you paid for in the first place. A sentence by sentence rewrite (which is what most people do) will rarely come out better than the original content.

And all that aside, it’s just not necessary.

I do agree that in most cases, publishing PLR content “as is” is not your best strategy, but there are still things you can do to customize PLR and make it stand out from everyone else…without rewriting everything.

Here are a few things can do:

  • Add your point of view to the content. Your readers are most interested in what you think about a subject, so let them know.
  • Insert examples and case studies. Your readers will absorb your content better if it includes examples they can relate to or real-life case studies.
  • Add statistics, facts and quotations. All these types of content add credibility to your content and a great quotation gives them something to ponder.
  • Add images, video and other visual elements. These type of additions not only capture your visitors eye, they also enrich the experience and make your content more meaningful.
  • Put together a worksheet, graph, spreadsheet or anything that helps your reader understand or use the information more effectively.
  • Add links to relevant products and resources.  Part of being a great source of information is providing your readers with further help they need…and you can even attach your affiliate link to it.

Now you don’t need to do each one of these things for each piece of content and it’s true that these customizations take time. However, these customizations add tremendous VALUE to your content and make it possible to draw in more traffic through word of mouth, social sharing and more. When you put all your efforts into rewriting, at best you come up with a comparable article to the one you started with and at worst, you end up with an inferior version…so where do you think you should spend your time?

QUESTION 2: Can I buy PLR that is already optimized for search engines?

Now and then you’ll come across a PLR seller that claims their content is optimized for search engines. Unfortunately, SEO-optimized PLR is a fairy tale. Unless the seller is selling to one person only (YOU), you cannot publish that content and expect a flood of search engine traffic.

But please understand, I’m not sure suggesting that if someone says the content is optimized it’s not quality content. It’s possible that a very good writer had the mistaken notion that they could optimize one piece of content and then let a bunch of people publish it as is for search engine rankings. So don’t dismiss “optimized” content out of hand, but do realize that if you want search traffic, you have to do your own optimization.

Think about it. If 30 people publish the exact same article targeting the phrase, “pink poodle bows,” do you think that all 30 people will get to the top of the Google listings?’s pretty much impossible.

What you need to do instead is conduct your own keyword research and optimize for a keyword phrase you choose. You can use tools like or even Google’s keyword tool at If you use WordPress, a plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast can help you more easily optimize your posts.

If you need a little SEO checklist, here’s a short version of things you should be doing:

  • Look for a highly targeted keyword phrase that will attract the type of traffic you’re looking for the content piece. Look for a specific phrase that has a decent amount of searches, but isn’t too competitive.

Once you have your phrase, you can include it in the following places:

  • Title tag and headline for your article.
  • Subheadlines
  • Body text of your article
  • In ALT tags on your images
  • In the description tag

…to mention a few things, but do be natural. Over-optimizing is even worse than not optimizing at all. Be descriptive and present great quality to your readers and you’ll do well. And don’t forget your content has to be out there for search engines think it’s valuable. Links coming to your website and shares on social media sites all go toward improving your search engine rankings.

QUESTION 3:  What’s the most important thing people should focus on when it comes to growing traffic through PLR?

The focus should always be on quality first, but even if you have the best content in the world and do nothing to get it out there, it’s not going to be worth your while.

So, to simplify the answer, I’d say focus on quality first. Then promote the heck out of your quality.

Here are some ideas to help you with those two things…

Quality: Only purchase good PLR. Don’t publish something you wouldn’t be proud of. Add some personality to your content by adding examples, case studies, images and other things that will make your content stand out. Listen to feedback from your readers and pay attention to what they like. And of course, always publish more of what they like.

Promotion: Unless you have a website that has a ton of subscribers and you’re already a Google-darling, you have to bust your butt to get your content seen. The nice thing about using PLR is that it saves you a ton of time on the creation side of things, so you can focus on the promotion. Always publish your content to an RSS feed, share it with your mailing list and social media followers and link to your new content from other relevant content. Those are just a few of the many things you should do on a regular basis. As your following grows, the less active work you have do to promote your content, but when you’re just starting to grow…you have to work it and work it hard.

PLR really does provide website owners with a headstart on growing their audiences. Use that content wisely, enhance it and tell everyone about it.

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It's Your Turn.

What questions do you have about using PLR to get traffic to your sites?  Suggestions? Frustrations?

Let us have it. 🙂

I'll be back with more soon.


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PS. Here's a video that I recorded awhile back about how to customize your PLR for your blog:

As you can see, Alice and I are pretty much in agreement. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Clyde

    I understand all you are saying about adding value to PLR instead of simply rewriing it. The thing I disagree with, because of personal experience, is that it is a waste of time to rewrite the content.

    Perhaps if I had never written any of my own blog posts or created any of my own products that would be true. The problem I ran into with not rewriting PLR was I got comments about people knowing I did not write the information because it did not sound like me. After that little episode I make sure I rewrite everything at least so it uses the same vocabulary, etc. that I use when I do write myself.

    This, of course, is just my opinion and lets face it I do not have the experience or the following that you ladies have.

    Many Blessings,

  • Shaun Hoobler

    How can you outrank other websites that are publishing the same PLR as you? Will Google notice who published it first, or do you just have to build more links than them?

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