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My Motto. You Are Welcome to Use It, Too.

Several years back, I decided that my motto for my business was this – see graphic…

It wasn't honestly enough for me to be making products and selling them just for the sake of making money.  What I really wanted was to make the web a better place.

But, then, that didn't see like enough, either. So, I had to have a serious talk with myself.

“Self”, I said. “Is this enough to make you feel like you've made a difference?”

I said “No, self, it isn't. And, you just answered my question.”

I decided that I have this huge audience, and by golly, I'm going to try to make a difference in the world as well.

Has it worked? Ah, I dunno. It never feels like enough, does it?

I started by talking more openly about organizations that I feel are changing lives.  And, I wrote my blog post Are Internet Marketers Slimy? 🙂

I then added a banner to my side navigation that rotates between a few organizations that I like to give them free exposure. ->

Last winter, when I hosted an orphan in my home for 4 weeks, I shared my adventure (as much as I was allowed). By sharing my story, I know of at least two others who are hosting orphans this summer just because they learned about the program through me. I can only hope they'll inspire 2 more people, and on and on and on, until the 147 million orphans in our world each has a loving parent who can nurture their bodies and minds.

And, when I got some flack for hosting an orphan from outside the United States, I spent a few hours researching and I found a great resource where the people who were concerned about our orphans here in the United States could find out more about adoption.

I also set up a Pinterest board for cool organizations who are saving the lives of women and children around the world. Let me know if there's anything else I should pin here:  Shop to Save Lives.

No, I haven't built or repaired orphanages in impoverished countries like my friends Paul Evans or Connie Green – with my bare hands, but I'm working up to that. 🙂

That is success to me. That means more than selling a butt-load of PLR in a day. (Although, I certainly do appreciate that, too.) lol.

Anyway, I would love to hear how you are using your platform, whether through your blog, your list, your Facebook account, etc – to make the web and the world a better place, too.

And, of course, please share your favorite organizations that you help here, too. You never know who might see them. 🙂

Have a GREAT day!

Nicole Dean

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  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Thank you, Nicole, for the being the super cool you that you are. You’ve taught and inspired me in more ways than one – and that’s refreshing. When I think of some of the internet marketers I ran into and even listened to when I first started digging into this world, ick. It just makes me shiver. But you’re a gabillionty times different – and I’m grateful to know you and get to learn from you.

    I haven’t done much, but, I do try to speak out for shelter animals whenever I get a chance. My mom does a ton of rescue work and sometimes I try my best to spread the word about whichever organization/event/rescue efforts she is involved in. And I started a blog series on Hippie Spelunker just for her called, “The Judi Files”. She tells stories about what it’s like to go on the big rescues. We haven’t done one in a while. We need to get on that!

  • The Mom

    You inspire me and amaze me. And I know your goofy side, which I guess only makes your altruistic side more amazing. 😉

    I was able to raise money for tornado victims on two occasions using the sale of my book. My good friend Susanne Myers joined me and donated her proceeds on the first fundraiser and then helped again by spreading the word to her audience. I could never have sent that much money without the help of my friends, readers, customers, and of course, my dear daughter, who always lets me rattle and bounce stuff off her. tee hee!

    This community of online business owners is, as I’ve said before, full of big hearted souls. I appreciate all of you so much.

  • Nina

    Yes, making a different in the world and making the web a better place is important to me too. Thank you for your post.

    My site is about human potential, personal growth and resources.

    We adopted a rescue dog recently.

    I have a 13 year old nephew who wants to live with us, he is moving in this summer. Long story. He said to me, “I think I’ll do better living with you”, BIG WOW.

    He loves tech stuff. He is considered gifted in the IQ department.

    Thank you Nicole for being you.

  • Catherine Graham

    What a great post! It’s made me think about advertising some charity organisations on my own sites. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference and make you feel good 🙂
    P.S. How do you make your awesome graphics Nicole?

  • Paul Evans

    You ARE making the world better. Keep it up!!!

  • Bob Marconi

    It’s all about finding your voice. And mine still eludes me…

    Thank you

  • Auction Software

    Thanks for the inspiring article. It’s great that you help others. And posts such as this one remind us that we all should help as much as we can. thanks again,

  • James

    Amen, sunshine!

    If what you do doesn’t help to make the world a better place, and is strictly about “the money”, then you will find yourself unfulfilled.

    The secret of living is giving and the purpose in life is a purpose!

    God bless,


  • Nina Knox

    Nicole, You are not only a fun person to “know”, and an expert on the web, I am learning more and more about the GOOD person that you are, too! You are inspirational! I’m so glad I have met you and your mother!

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