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Why You Should Care about Pinterest.

This is part two of a quick three part series. “Why You Should Care”.

The first part was “Why you should care about Facebook, as a business owner.”

This one is about Pinterest. So, why on earth as a business owner, would you care about a photo sharing site?

If you are on Pinterest already, please include a link to your profile inside your comment. I'd love to repin you. 🙂

Be sure to see the infographic below.

1. Pinterest users spend an average of almost 16 minutes on the site per visit.
Source: “Very Pinteresting” Infographic

2. It has grown from 10 million total visits to 17 million since the start of 2012
Source: “What is Pinterest?” Infographic

3. Pinterest receives over 1 million visitors each day.
Source: “Very Pinteresting” Infographic”

4. It is the 24th most popular website in the US
Source: “What is Pinterest?” Infographic

5. Pinterest provides more referral traffic to other sites than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.
Source: “Very Pinteresting” Infographic

6. 28.1% of users have an annual household income of $100k+
Source: “Very Pinteresting” Infographic

Pinterest – The Social Media Darling Of 2012: Infographic by Infographiclabs

Have a wonderful day!
Nicole Dean (I'm on Pinterest: Nicole Dean Pinterest )


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