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Why You Should Care about Facebook.

This is part one of a quick three part series. “Why You Should Care”. 🙂

The first part is “Why you should care about Facebook, as a business owner.” Be sure to see the infographic below.

1. Facebook currently has 845 million active users.
Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

2. Facebook accounts for 1 out of every 5 pageviews on the internet worldwide.
Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

3. Facebook users share over 100 billion connections collectively.
Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

4. Over 50% of the population in North American uses Facebook.
Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

5. 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily.
Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

6. There are 2.7 billion likes every single day on Facebook.
Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

7. The social media giant has 425 million mobile users.
Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

8. The average Facebook user spends 20 minutes on the site per visit
Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

9. Brands increased 46% engagement with Facebook Timeline and 24 million brands on Facebook (roughly 75%) have still NOT upgraded to Timeline
Source: “The Impact of Facebook Timeline for Brands” 2012

Check this out…

Facebook 2012 Infographic by Infographiclabs

That's pretty impressive stuff, don't you think?

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