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Pay Attention To What You Gripe About (How Came To Be)

Here's a guest post from my very dear friend, Kelly McCausey.

Pay Attention To What You Gripe About
(How Came To Be)

by Kelly McCausey

I love Private Label Rights (PLR) content. It has been a major game changer, both for those who buy it and definitely for those who sell it. I've been on both sides, I've created and sold it and I've bought and used it. If PLR had never been invented, some of my projects would look quite different. Thank Goodness for PLR! I should start a PLR Fan Club and be the president, but…

I have a confession to make.

For the last six months I've been fighting back an urge to go on a tirade about it. I've wanted to get up on my soap box and yell: “Stop Buying All That PLR!”

I'm serious! I've outlined blog posts about it. I considered promoting a big webinar, all to shout my message as loud and far as possible. “Don't Buy Anymore PLR!”

Why did I feel that way? Why would I, a PLR fanatic, want to discourage people from buying it?

Here's why: In my work as a coach I get to delve into other people's business. I see how they spend their money and I see how they spend their time. Some of my clients have been with me for more than a year – so I have a long view of their habits, strengths and weaknesses.

I gotta tell you, PLR is very often a big weakness.

Don't worry, I won't be naming ‘real' names. I'll use a pseudonym πŸ˜‰

You know how I feel about PLR. It's great! I buy and I use it. There is a small stash of unused PLR on my computer, but not a lot. For several years now I only buy PLR that I know I can use on a current project.

Unfortunately one of my favorite clients (I'll call her Betty) has had a very different approach to PLR. Instead of choosing PLR based on a current project, she bought PLR based on the idea that she would ‘find a way to use it'.

In the last 4 years Betty spent over $3000 on PLR articles, reports, ebooks and products. Before you decide she's nuts, think about it, that's an average of $62 per month. I know plenty of people who spend that much on a regular basis.

Betty's not dumb. She's a smart gal with useful skills and great desire to build a business that can support her family. She didn't set out to blow thousands of dollars on business tools that she would never use… but that's exactly what she did.

Yep. In all this time, Betty hasn't actually used any of the PLR she bought.

When I realized how much she'd spent, I felt physically ill. When I had a chance to look at some of the PLR she had purchased it only made me feel worse but that's another topic.

Betty isn't the only one. I actually found this to be a trend among my clients. No one else had spent as much but at least seven other people admitted to spending over a thousand dollars on PLR that was sitting unused on their computer.

That's when I started feeling that urge to jump up and down and say ‘Please, please STOP buying PLR!'

And I did. I asked my clients to promise that they would stop buying new PLR until they'd used some of what they had. That didn't feel like enough though, I wanted to email my list and beg them to stop buying PLR. I wanted to blog it, podcast it, hold a webinar, take ads on other sites…

I didn't do any of that of course. I was so torn about though! Many of my good friends run PLR businesses, I didn't want to declare some kind of boycott on their products. I just wanted people to THINK about what they were doing. So, for quite awhile I just griped about it.

I griped about it a lot.

Then, I had an epiphany:

I'm tired of griping!

Griping is such a waste of energy and brain space. I decided, doggone it, I'm gonna DO something about this. Who cares if my friends run PLR businesses, I feel strongly about this – I'm gonna get out there and spread my message! “Stop buying all that PLR until you use some that you already have!”

Then, thankfully, I had another epiphany.

If I were going to do something like that, I'd better have some advice handy to help them use their PLR – and that's when the idea sparked.

In one big blurry moment I realized, the message I wanted to share was not to tell people to stop buying PLR, it was to encourage them to use it! With that, the vision for came to life.

I stopped griping, scribbled out some mad notes and clicked over to register the domain name. I brought on an awesome Project Manager and assembled a great team of writers and assistants. Less than a month later, we are open for business.

Use Your PLR has one mission and that is to help you put your PLR to profitable use.

Now Betty and others like her can come to us with their PLR and hire us to take it and put it into action. She's pretty excited about it πŸ˜‰

So, a question for you: What are you griping about?

Your gripes might just hold the key to a passion that would make a great business.

Another question for you: Do you have unused PLR sitting around?

IF so, come on over to Use Your PLR and let us take some action for you πŸ™‚

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • The Mom

    Wow, Kelly! You really nailed it here. I KNOW there is really really good PLR out there (EasyPLR in particular rocks!) and I know that moment of excitement when we see a great PLR package and then… “Where did I put that again? What was I going to do with that? And how the heck could I do that?”

    With people like me who don’t have the techy touch yet to throw a PLR package into a valuable product (you know with all fancy formatting and the linky stuff), we see something we like, have a vision of what it could look like, but then sccreeeaaaach! There goes those darn brakes.

    You really have a great thing here, Kelly. Congrats!

  • Monica

    Well, I guess I have Betty to thank for your latest epiphany ;). I hope it continues to work out. I can’t quite figure out how to turn my latest gripe around which is my husband’s job. Opening up another competing grocery store isn’t going to work out too well ;).

  • Dean

    This post is dead on the mark. What is the point of filling up your hard drive with PLR if it never starts earning you money? Once I started spending the time and effort (yes, 2 dreaded words that make money) to build sites out of the PLR I collected, I began seeing how these little kickstarters could turn into great earners. Can’t wait to check out Use Your PLR! Just the type of stuff I’m into.

    • Kelly

      Yep, unfortunately ‘time and effort’ have become dreaded words for many people – unless they know for sure that profit will follow πŸ™‚

      Thanks Dean!

  • Marilyn aka G-Ma or Grandma Marilyn

    I am one of those guilty of purchasing PLR and not using it. I am rushing over to check out this new site.

  • Charlotte

    Kelly, you have come up with the best idea ever! I bought so much PLR – good PLR – the last two years that I have completely blocked myself from moving forward. It feels like such a good idea when you buy it but suddenly you have so much so you don’t know where to start.This is exactly what is needed!

  • Rosyel

    I hear ya, Kelly! I’m going to give more “time and effort” to use PLRs that are gathering dust on my pc. Sometimes it gets overwhelming esp. if you don’t know where or how to start.


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