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What’s Stopping You From Outsourcing Effectively?

It's nearly an epidemic. I swear.

Smart businesspeople who either don't outsource at all or who barely outsource.

Perhaps you struggle with one of these things? (Time for one of my famous doodles…)

If you're not following the doodle, the list of items include…

  1. Lack of Time
  2. Don't think you can afford to outsource
  3. You're not motivated to outsource because it'll take work.
  4. You can't find someone who is motivated to work.
  5. Don't know what to outsource?
  6. Afraid to outsource?
  7. You don't have enough confidence in your business model – to think that it'll pay off.
  8. You don't have enough confidence in yourself as a leader or people manager to even begin.

What is stopping you? Talk to me. I want to know.

Recommended Resource.

Tonight, I'm doing a webinar with David Perdew of NAMS about Outsourcing. It's geared towards the 300 level – which means for people who have started to see success and are making a living online – even if it's not what they'd like it to be yet.

However, even if you're just starting to make money, I hope this will be helpful.

And, don't worry… if outsourcing is scary to you, it's ok. My entire presentation consists of those doodles — so you don't have to be afraid of any big corporate talk. It's just common sense stuff for us small business folks who need to know how to outsource better.

Come on by. You can watch the replay here: Nicole Dean webinar 10/05/2011

However, only NAMS members will get the recording forever. So, if you want that, you'll need to be a member of NAMS. (You get tons of other stuff, too.) Click here to check it out and note the coupon on the page ( MyNAMS85) that drops the price by 85%.

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Tawra

    Our biggest problem is finding people who can actually do the work. Proofreading is our worst! We have gone through at least 7 editors/proofreaders and none of them do an excellent job.

    We will be listening in to get some pointers! Thanks! Tawra

  • Traci Knoppe

    I’m on the other side of the coin – I am the outsource services provider. I can tell you there are 3 main issues I have seen:

    1. Control. Clients are just fearful of letting control of them doing it all themselves.
    2. Disorganization. Clients are often disorganized to the point that they don’t get the work together to get it sent to the outsourcer, so it will get done in time (or at all!).
    3. Communication. I’ve seen clients who are so busy, they don’t stop to communicate/reply to answer the issues presented so their work can get done and to their desired specifications. Outsourcers are not mind-readers (if they were, they’d charge more money! πŸ˜› )

    Outsourcing is a partnership. It takes effort and work on behalf of both parties to get the desired outcome. Looking forward to tonight’s call! πŸ™‚

    • Tawra

      If that’s not the truth!!! It sounds just like us! LOL We are so disorganized I can’t believe we are still in business after 12 years and making money at it. LOL

      • Traci Knoppe

        LOL Tawra. Two of the best things I did for my business – I established a daily routine for me with built-in time to work on my own products/projects, time to work on client work and time to work ON my business establishing systems/processes and managing my Team. That tip was given to me by Mark Hendricks (one very wise man!). The second was to create an actual production schedule of work to do on a given day and who was assigned to do it.

        That all might seem simple or logical to most; but when you are so busy to the point of overwhelm, you have to stop, take a step back and look at what you’re doing and how – then make adjustments to keep your time productive, and to keep yourself sane. πŸ˜‰

  • Angela Wills

    Darn it I can’t make it tonight and I REALLY need this.

    I have one GREAT lady who does a tiny little bit for me – I need to give her more work before I lose her!

  • The Mom

    Like Traci, I’m on the other side – I provide the services. The view from over here can sometimes help the business owner see why things aren’t working quite right for them.

    Here are a few of my ideas about how to keep a good VA/service provider, from the perspective of the VA/service provider:

    1) Start slowly. We are anxious to please and may be tempted to take on more than we should simply to please you. I started out VERY slowly, learning and completing the simplest tasks as I went because I was so new to the whole thing. So, don’t get so excited to finally outsource a bunch of stuff and throw it all out there at once.

    2) Add more similar tasks. Once we know our stuff, give us some more like it. That shows us that you are pleased with the results and want to see more like it. This works to build confidence and helps you unload even more stuff.

    3) Communicate. This is a big umbrella. It means communicate on a “How’s your morning going” to “Can you use Tahoma to “Here’s a simple calendar of things I plan to promote over the next six months.” This makes us feel not only connected but prepared, which we love. Difficulties start when we’re guessing what our clients want.

    4) Lose Control. This simply means Hand It Over. Once you have developed a relationship with us over time, you should know if you can trust us or not. (If you don’t know us enough to know if you can trust us, then go back to #3.) A VA loves to work on a product (creation?) that she (he) has some control over. If everything we work on is micro-managed, it takes the pride out of it, which is part of the fun, at least for me.

    5) Kudos. Even if we aren’t looking for new clients, we like to hear our praises sung. You don’t need to promote us necessarily (unless we ask) but a pat on the back just feels good.

    I can see why business owners can be reluctant to outsource; it takes work to build a relationship. But, once they do choose something to outsource and someone to outsource it to, I hope they will take a look at what they can do to help the service provider do a better job for them.

    p.s. When I left my j-o-b to start doing this strange new thing (Thank you, Nicole) I was an EXTREME newbie. I’d worked on computers before, but not on any level like this. The reason I’m still here is because I have Nicole for constant support {{Nicole says sigh}}, baby-stepping me through every, single, solitary step {{Nicole again says sigh}}. I don’t think most clients would treat their service providers with as much patience, so I know how lucky I am. Thank you my dear one!

    And a big Thank You to Susanne Myers, for all her help and faith in me – it means the world to me, and yes, Susanne also has the patience of a Saint. These years working with Susanne and Nicole have been incredible in so many ways. Thanks again!

    • Tawra

      Thanks so much! That’s really good advice for when we find someone. Hopefully it will be someone as good as you (from what I hear from Susanne:-)

  • Kelli Smithgall

    I totally enjoyed your webinar Nicole! I’m not quite to the point where I can outsource, but what I learned from you will be so valuable when the time comes.

    Loved the part where you had your son scan the “doodles” for tonight, and how he earns money for video games, etc. A couple of my kids help me with certain tasks too, and earn from it!

    It was the cutest thing ever when you took a brief time-out before you answered questions at the end, and we heard you to yell out to your mom you were almost finished. My daughter was listening with me and said, “Mom, I could see you doing the same thing if you ever did a webinar”. She told me you make learning fun (she’s 13 by the way).

    Thank you for the fantastic free webinar πŸ™‚

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