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Marketing Monday: Cross Selling Example

I'm a big believer that there's much to be learned for us online folks by studying offline marketing.

So, I promised you that I'd share clever and unique marketing that catches my eye.

This is the one for this week.

We bought some Cheez-Its. This was on the back of the box. I love it!

Also, notice they have their Facebook page on the bottom.Prettty smart. 🙂

So, what do you think?

  • Does the make you want to try other Cheez-Its?
  • Are you utilizing all of your “virtual real estate” to tell people what ELSE they can buy from you? Or are you leaving them to guess?
  • What else does this picture make you think about?
  • Any way you think it could be improved?

Talk to me…

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Felicia Slattery

    Hey Nicole-
    I saw & thought the SAME thing! What strikes me most is the clever positioning.

    I mean how boring are little orange crackers?

    But this company has found a way to give each one of their flavors a personality. That’s what I’m working more and more on– developing MORE personality in my marketing. This is a cute fun reminder of just one way to do that!

    Great example!
    Felicia Slattery

  • William

    One product with multiple stories to tell, different flavors, presented differently. Any way you look at it, your buying the same product dressed differently. It’s almost like having one item with 9 different sales letters, each offering a different enhancement. Not much split testing here, they could almost run a popularity contest and get tons of free customer feedback. There is a lot to think about here
    Thanks again for displaying not only a great idea but reminding us how important it is to keep our eyes open for new ideas not matter what we are doing.

  • Robcarl

    Hi Nicole,

    The thing I like most about you is the way you take action and get others involved.

    Like another commenter, I think there may have been more opportunity. They’ve written engaging copy but where’s the call to action?

    Just including the FB address, while a step in the right direction, doesn’t cut it. Why go there?

    Is there a 3 for 2 discount coupon (or something else designed to make you try different flavors) in exchange for a like?

    Is there an optin for…, free sample flavor packs, other product coupons, a contest, yada, yada?

    Did they offer to direct ship to you to enhance conversion ( there’s a huge drop off % of people who are interested enough to cut out a coupon and those who actually redeem it).

    And I’m just scraping the surface. I’m sure other commenters can expand on this list.

    Which other flavors were you motivated to buy?

    Best Regards,


  • Ramiro Rodriguez

    Hi Nicole!

    Good food for thought (pun intended). Now you got me hungry 🙂

    We have to remember that the women who created the box are professionals! It’s all they do day in and day out. We have to think about so many other things.

  • Tawra

    Isn’t it funny now that we are marketing so much I notice it EVERYWHERE! I want to got to businesses and say “That’s really bad marketing. You’re not getting your point across”! LOL

  • Loretta

    I just bought Cheez-Its for the kids tonight and noticed the back of the box too! My two youngest sons were trying to figure out which CheezIt personality matched which personality in our household … it got their attention and entertained them at least.

    Ethan said it’s a shame they have gluten in them because White Cheddar would be perfect for me. I think he was trying to tell me to get out of the house more because I’m a geek? Sadly, he was correct in his evaluation, those would be the ones I’d buy if I were still able to eat them.

  • David Duane Wilson

    I love getting these emails and reading your blog post. I think we can take a lesson from from this multilevel marketing approach. All of our marketing needs to lead back (link) to all our other products and offers. In other words we need to build a web of interlocking opportunities for each of our potential customers.

    Thanks for What You Do!!!

  • Wayne

    It’s really a great box, but I’m wondering if they should put it on the front of the box? My thinking is: people who buy cheez-its will buy them anyway, there looking for new customers. Personally, I’m not a cheez-it purchaser, but that box would catch my eye. Never knew they had so many flavors!

  • GrandmaMarilyn

    Really cool idea. I really like the characters they gave to each of the products. Yes, I would like to try a few of the other flavors. LOL No, I am not utilizing all of my “virtual real estate” to talk about my products. Still learning.

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