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Why Product Reviews are Still a Great Way to Generate Affiliate Sales

Hey! 🙂 One of the ways to make money as an affiliate is to write product reviews. You guys see me do it here all the time, except I don't normally say “this is a review”.  But, I still do it.

Here are some examples:

I even teach a course about how to start a review blog for profit.

Heck I give away free reviews with PLR rights here:


Because reviews work.

So, when my good friends Loretta & Lisa opened a PLR site that specializes in creating product reviews that you can use as drafts to write your own — I thought, cool!

And, when they offered me a guest blog post on the topic, I agreed. Please click on my affiliate links below to check out what they've got. 🙂 Thanks!

Why Product Reviews are
a Great Way to Generate Affiliate Sales

by Loretta and Lisa at

Posting product reviews on your website or blog can definitely help increase your affiliate sales. This is why it is considered as a remarkable strategy for you, as an affiliate marketer.

First of all, most people (that is, prospective clients) are drawn to these written evaluations of the product. More often than not, the reviews are easier to understand than the actual description of the product that they read on the website. The reviews are more informative in nature.

Besides that, most people will trust something that has been written by actual clients. When they see all positive, raving product reviews, they will think that it has been done by the manufacturers themselves. However, when they see something sincerely written – showing both the good and the bad, they will believe it and base their decisions on that.

Now, that does not mean that there should always be negative notes about whatever it is that you are selling. It is just that you really cannot cheat or lie. Most consumers are pretty smart nowadays. Honesty appeals to them really well – whether the review is written with a positive or negative tone.

If you are not using product reviews to generate affiliate sales yet, you can start right now. This is not really difficult as long as you know how to go about it. Here are 4 tips to get you started.

1. You have to know who will read the reviews.

It is like knowing how to attract your target market when you are selling your product. In this case, you are pre-selling something through the review that you are writing. They have to be interested enough with what you have written so that they will consider the product being sold. If you're a frequent blogger or writer on the topic then I hope you already have this step completed and know your audience or are in the process of getting to know them.

2. Next, you want to be well-acquainted with what you are selling.

People can see if you are just writing something for the sake of product reviews or if you have actually used the product. Let me say it again: a sense of genuineness is important here. While you may not actually use each and every product yourself, it's helpful to see the product or at least research the product enough to answer basic questions on it. Don't go into promotion blindly.

3. You will want to go in-depth about with your write-up.

This will show how familiar you are with the product. But take note: it would be best if you focus on the benefits rather than just enumerating the features.

Be honest, too. If there is something wrong with it, state that as well. Even if you are the owner, you have to remember that you are reviewing the product right now. You are not selling it.

Note from Nicole: The more honest I am about products that I talk about – including the bad parts — the more I sell. My good friend, Lynn Terry, actually wrote a terrible review for a product. (I mean that the review stated that the product was terrible.) She sold TONS just because people wanted to see how bad it really was.

4. Most business owners in this field aren’t that good in constructing product reviews.

That is the reason why they hire ghost writers to do the job for them. However, this is a pretty expensive undertaking. If you know that you can't afford outsourcing, you might want to try PLRs or Private Label Rights. With  PLR, you can quickly get great pre-written product reviews that you can edit to make your own – in minutes.

Again, take note of what your prospective consumers want to see. Remember, they are drawn by honesty. If you will be using this strategy and want to earn from it, you have to put yourself in your customer's shoes and start from there.

Note from Nicole: This may sound counterintuitive, so let me jump in. You buy the PLR as a starting point to get the basic facts in place. Then, edit it to add your own experiences and opinions to the reviews.  Make sense?

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Loretta

    Thanks for adding those notes Nicole, I agree 100% that including down points is just as effective as providing the good points in a review. We’re all human, bad things make us curious! LOL

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Thanks so much for publishing our guest post – honored to be on your blog! I love the way you added the notes in and even helped to clarify a point. That is so funny and definitely odd about Lynn’s selling so much when she said the product stunk. That is an excellent ‘case in point’ for being totally honest with your reviews. When you think about it, it just really makes sense. And besides, otherwise, you wind up sounding like a used car salesman, anyway.

    [Disclaimer: All I’ve ever owned is used cars, so God bless you to used car salesman.] 😉

  • Heidi

    Now I know why my review pages do so well. Thanks for pointing this out and helping me to get some more ideas for web pages. 🙂

  • Emily

    I’m often suspicious if a review is all god. Nothing’s perfect. 😉 So, I, too, like the point about including the negatives.

  • jane

    Very interesting article. I cannot say how much I appreciate you talking about the importance of a negative review. I agree with the above commenter that if reviews are nothing but positive, it smacks of someone simply doing something for a paycheck. I would not want my reputation to be tarnished like that and I think it’s great that you feel the same way.

  • Helen Raptoplous

    Great idea, thank you for going so deep with the details. I did a few of these last year and forgot all about this strategy! I am excited to pick this back up. It is a great way to share feedback with your community about the products and services they may be interested in.

    I love the notes that yoiu added Nicole, how did you do that and put your words in a shaded box, that is really cool!

    I look forward to checking out what Loretta and Lisa have put together. Thank you!

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