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What to Outsource?

I received an interesting question today.

“I'm taking your Outsource Weekly course, but I'm not new to Internet Marketing. I have a lot of courses and some of these Outsource Weekly lessons contain internet marketing basics. I'll hang in for awhile, though, to see if I am missing anything outside of outsourcing content.”

And here's my response…

There is a ton more to outsource beyond content.

For instance, I have almost 100 websites. For most of them, I don't touch customer support – I have helpers who deal with issues for me.

I also work with affiliate managers and graphics designers. I have people doing social networking, researching for me, recruiting JV partners. I have a tech guy who fixes my stuff, video editors, and audio editors, too. — (Geesh, I sound lazy now. lol.)

I also have cleaning ladies, a handyman, a pool service, and someone who cooks for me at times. — Now I sound *really* lazy. 😉 My time is money, and I don't want to spend all day sitting at a computer.  Life's too short.

But, yes, there are basic intros on a lot of the marketing tasks in the Outsource Weekly course since we have such a mix of customers (beginners all the way to “gurus”). The course helps you to decide what to outsource as well as what to automate — and what to get rid of entirely.

I'm off to enjoy my Saturday. I hope you're doing the same. 🙂

There are many ways to tackle your outsourcing —

  • Roadblocks vs. admin.
  • Essential tasks verses new projects.
  • Things you dislike vs. things you're not good at.

For me, I tend to look at the tasks that are being shoved to the end of my to do list repeatedly. There's usually a reason why they aren't getting done — so, I give them to someone to help!

What is YOUR favorite thing to outsource? Post your answer below.


PS. If you haven't checked out yet – take a peek. It might help you work smarter, too.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Sharon McMillan

    I like to outsource blog set-up and customization work. I can do that work myself but I outsource it because I actually want it done and not sitting on my to do list for weeks on end, causing me lost opportunities and dollars.

    My existing websites and projects can keep me tied up all day, every day, preventing me from dealing with any expansion work that I need to do to help make my business viable.

    Good post, especially for during the times we’re living through today – we need to leverage our time and resources in smart ways.

  • Marie

    Same here! I prefer outsourcing and I’m a frequenter at I never liked mooning over things I’ve no talent at doing, I’m just wasitng time that way. Good thing there are outsourcing companies like TaskUs who can really help.

  • Mary

    We outsource as much as possible and one of our biggest successes has been to “intern-source” — we email our local interns a research assignment and have them set up a google doc with the results. It’s a win win since they are gaining valuable experience (not just fetching coffee) and we are a lot more productive and have complete access to all our research to everyone in the group.

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