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Blogging is fun. Flat out fun. I've even got my mom blogging! (She just put up her blog last month and is loving it.)

However, like with any online business, you need traffic if you want to actually make some money. Go figure, right? 😉

My friend, Lynette, is a blogging expert. I've mentioned her often as she's one of my go-to resources about this topic.

She's put together a bunch of great tools for creating profitable blogs and has been giving them away.

There was the Buzz Report I told you about and then the super handy Blog Calendar that I found out about last week, but haven't even had time to post about yet! (Don't worry, though, you didn't miss it. The link is posted below to make it up to you.)

She also gave her subscribers a useful Blog Planner so they could stay on top of all the great ideas they have for blogging.

If you didn’t get yours, go right now for your f r e e download.

Make sure you sign up for the notification list, so you can get the Buzz Report, Planner, Calendar and all the other stuff she’s got coming. It’s definitely worthwhile.

Just before the weekend, Lynette released a report entitled:

“18 Traffic Generating Blog Ideas You Can Do Right Away”

…but if you’re not on her notification list, you would have missed it. Here’s a backdoor link to the traffic report:

“18 Traffic Generating Blog Ideas You Can Do Right Away” <-click here to grab the report.

Blogging Calendar <– sorry! forgot to tell you about this the other day. 🙂

If you’re on her notification list, you’ll also get “Thinking Outside the Box” report in a few days and will have first dibs to check out the f r e e membership at Blog Energizer when it opens on November 18.

Personally, I can’t wait!

Talk with you soon. I'm off to plan some more blogging. 😉


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