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Ever consider getting into the WordPress Plugin Business?

Hi. It's Nicole Dean from

Have you ever considered the potential of WordPress plugins as a business model?

There are some people doing quite well selling them. 🙂

There's a really great course on how to actually make money creating, then flipping plugins.

I bought it and my husband has been studying the course the last few weeks, and it's quite good.

You can see that here:
Plugin Business for Profit


If the idea of *selling* plugins is appealing to you, but the thought of actually having to *create* them makes you run for the hills – here's a cool option.

My friend, Melissa Ingold, just announced that she is now selling plugins with PLR rights.

So, if you wanted to get into the WordPress Plugin business but don't want to have to create them yourself – be sure to check this out.

WordPress Plugins with PLR Rights

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • jdanielcook

    How many lessons in total are there? The sales page is very vague about the actual format of the 4 week coaching course.

    • Nicole

      Sorry about that.

      Each week covers a different topic.

      There is one lesson per week, including videos, and templates where appropriate.

      Week 1 – Ideas
      Week 2 – Building
      Week 3 – Marketing
      Week 4 – Flipping
      Week 5 – Surprise Bonus

      Hope that helps!


  • Clay Franklin

    Hi Nicole,
    Long time. I found this article when searching make money with WordPress plugins.
    I just build a sales page for a similar product and and doing the SEO research.
    I believe selling WordPress plugins is a great idea. Even giving it away for a email or link back from sites using it.
    I’ll check into the forum so we can catch up.

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