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Free Content for your Blog: Money-Making Articles

Hi I’m back with another “FREE Money-Making Content for You” Friday!

Friday is the day where I give you free content that you can use on your blog. Hurray!

I'm not sure if you know this, but a lot of infoproduct sellers and authors provide great expert content that you can publish on your blog as a “featured guest expert post” or as a “guest blogger post”.

AND… you can even promote the author's product IN the article using YOUR affiliate link.

So, yep. You can make money by publishing other people's stuff. Pretty cool eh? 🙂

Here's the place to check it out…

Click here to get Brandable Reprint Articles.

Of course, rules apply.

  • You can't edit the articles in any other way.
  • You have to keep the author's name on there.
  • And, you must link to the author's product in the article through the resource box. (BUT you can use your affiliate link for their product.)

What's the advantage of using these articles instead of publishing articles from or the other article directories?
Simple. Cash. You can promote the author's products inside the article, in the author bio, and even at the end in a “Recommended!” section.

What's the advantage of this over using PLR articles?
Of course, I recommend both. But, the advantage of using expert content is name recognition in the articles, mainly. You'll have a featured expert. Of course, the other advantages are that you'll have a built-in promotion – instead of having to go find something to promote.

And, of course, you'll get the opportunity to network with the authors after publishing their stuff. Be sure to tweet the author or tag them on Facebook after you publish their articles. Don't be surprised if you make a friend or two. 🙂

What if you're an infoproduct seller and YOU want to recruit affiliates with your articles?
If you're an infoproduct seller and you would like your articles to appear in this directory, here's the scoop:

Click here to learn how to add your articles to

That's all for today! Now go grab some articles. 🙂

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Thomas

    Great post Nicole. I’ll look these over during my vacation and then add to my blog. Or I could add some while on vacation making this even better.

  • Brian

    Very nice! I am starting a free press kinda site and looking to add some articles that would be both helpful and profitable. Thank you for these ideas!

  • Bill (LoneWolf) Nickeson

    This is a great resource Nicole — in between PLR and Article Directories.

    I’m looking forward to learning more about this resource.

  • William

    Great post, I learn something new every time I read your blog. I’m fairly new at this, still in the “It will make money soon” stage, so getting these ideas from you is a great help. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Kathy

    What a wonderful suggestion Nicole. I must admit publishing someone else’s articles with an affiliate link is not something I’d thought of. Once I get my own PLR site up and running I’ll certainly take you up on that offer.


  • Paul


    LOVE this idea.

    And to all who are “thinking” about Income CPR – stop it. Join now. I just printed and read the current issue and it’s fantastic.


  • Farley

    Wow, that’s actually really cool, didn’t know this was an option. Proven sales copy written for you, name recognition, and an affiliate link. This is a pretty cool way to monetize…

    …now, if only I had some readers lol.

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