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Why I Do Interviews.

Hey guys.

I've mentioned in the past that I'm happy to do interviews, especially written ones, since they are easy for me to fit into my schedule. (Want one? Just contact my helpers and we'll get you set up.)

Here are two interviews that I did recently —

Why do I take the time to do these?

1. New Readers. As you can see, both interviews expose me to new readers. The Affiliate Tips interview has already been rated almost 200 times. Who knows how many eyeballs have seen that page. The interview is archived, so it has the potential to send me traffic for years to come.

2. Talking about ME. I also get the opportunity to talk about ME without feeling silly or braggadocios. That's kind of the point — to talk about myself and what I have to offer people. Unlike my a press release, an ecourse, or an article for article marketing, I can freely talk about how wonderful my products are. 😉 Of course you can do that to some extent in your articles and press releases, but that's the POINT of the interview so it comes naturally.

3. Talking about my products and freebies. I'm also given the opportunity to showcase my projects when the interviewer asks what I'm up to, or where people can learn more.

4. Link love. For search engines, I'm given some link love, which is always nice.

5. It's fun! I get to meet new friends.

6. Credibility/Endorsement. The interviews also lend an air of credibility. The fact that I was asked and am featured on these sites acts as an endorsement by the readers.

So… when the last time you thought about doing interviews? Got anything to talk about? If you've got a blog, the answer is “yes”!

Get started.

Here are a few places where you can learn more.

  1. In my Web Traffic Basics course, I share tips for being a Guest on an Online Radio Show.
  2. Of course, Kelly McCausey has a great course about Press Releases.
  3. I recommend you stop by to see how affordably you can get help with your press release writing. (I have a press writer who I found through Shelancers.)
  4. Many of my interviews are found through networking. People chat with me at places like and find that I am a real person who is willing to grant interviews when it's a win-win situation. So, I highly recommend that you find a group of successful marketers to hang with. It's amazing the deals that go down when you're chatting with people who can get things done. (Check out if you're a mom. It's great!)
  5. HARO. These are reporters looking for people to interview. Join the list. It's free. 😉

You've GOT to market your business if you want to keep growing. Whether you're doing that with article marketing, guest blogging, or search engine optimization, it's all good.

Interviews are another avenue of marketing. Give it a try.

Have a wonderful week.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Merlyn Sanchez

    Great article, Nicole! I’ve seen people grow their lists tremendously this way and I’m interested in doing this myself. I’ll check out your resources.

    And if anyone is looking for a speaker on social networking (specifically LinkedIN) or marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and solo-professionals, just let me know! 🙂

    All the best,

  • Tracy Roberts

    Terrific post, as always.

    Reading interviews gives me a sense of who someone is and gives more them credibility in my eyes. If I’m looking to buy a product or eBook I look for interviews as much as I do reviews.

    Great reasons, too, for giving interviews.

    Tracy Roberts’s last blog post..Green and Virtual Company: Secretary in Israel LLC

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