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I am Thankful for My Blessings…

Happy November! Thanksgiving is around the corner in the United States. Are you counting your blessings?

As WAHMs, we have so much to be thankful for. What other career would allow us the opportunity to express our creativity, set our own hours, network with wonderful people, and make money while doing it?

AND, most importantly, we get to spend time with our kids, too. Wow.

It doesn't get any better than this!

If you watched Desperate Housewives last night you may have been as disgusted as I was when Lynette's boss mocked her suits during the meeting (even pointing out spit up!). Then, I was horrified to hear her boss say “Dance Puppet Dance”! UG — you probably felt as lucky as I did to be a WAHM.

I was thinking about what I am most thankful for business-wise this year and the things that have most impacted my business in 2005.

I wanted to share my short list with you of my Top 5 Resources I am thankful for in my business …. These are tools, not people. The list of people is coming soon. 😉

1. Google Adsense & Chitika — Thank goodness for Pay per click. If you aren't using it and you have a resource site — get moving! It's money in the bank.

2. MomMasterminds — I've got access to the best resources online in one place. I've been a member of MomMasterminds since February and I feel like I am so much further now than if I had tried to learn on my own. I spent enough time struggling. I only wish I had been less stubborn and joined 6 months before I did.

3. is over 100 women strong and growing… I'm very excited for this new resource. I hope you'll find it helpful.
More info on how writing articles can help your business – Excuse my scratchy voice if
you listen to the audio. I'm fighting a nasty cold.

4. As you know, ‘I (heart) my autoresponder' so I won't get into that again. 😉

5. Teleseminars. I'm listening to teleseminars during my walks. Thanks to mp3 audios, I'm learning how to write a book, promote my website, and more. And, I get to share all my
new-found knowledge with YOU! 🙂 Stay tuned…
More info on my cheapo mp3 player

What resources are you thankful for this year? I hope that 2005 has given you more business blessings than you can count.

Please remember those who may not be feeling blessed this holiday season, and help however you can —

Donate Money –
Volunteer locally
Give blood

Thank you so much for sharing this year with me so far.

PS. Please share your blessings as a WAHM in the comments section below.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • K.C. Gagne

    I know you were asking about resources and not people, but I include YOU as one of my top WAHM resources. Yes, YOU, Nicole Dean, the person, have been one of my very best BUSINESS RESOURCES this year. Your site is great, your network is the best, but your personal availability and support beat it all!

    ~ K.C.

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