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Free Rebrandable PDF: PLR FAQ

Hi I’m back with another “FREE Money-Making Content for You” Friday!

Friday is the day where I give you free content that you can use — and profit!

Today, I have a new rebrandable report. It's called “PLR FAQ for Bloggers”

Here's an excerpt:

Let's talk shortcuts. We all have limited hours in the day, so how can we get more done in less time? PLR is one of my absolute favorite shortcuts for
any online business owner. Unfortunately it sometimes gets a bad rap and is oftentimes confusing to bloggers.

Awhile back I asked my readers to send in their biggest questions about using PLR in their businesses. I answered them all in this document.

I hope it is helpful!

Again, you can read it here:

“PLR FAQ for Bloggers”

To Rebrand the report, see instructions below. There are two opportunities to profit with this report.
Just follow these instructions .

1. Open this .exe rebrander file. Your security settings may ask you to confirm that you DO want to run this .exe file before you can open it. It’s an “all in one” rebrander, so it’s much easier than the old style ones.

2. Click on each program that you’d like and enter your affiliate ID. Neither is required, but that’s how you earn money.

  • your_Clickbank_ID – This is your username for Clickbank.
  • EasyPLRID – This is your ID for the affiliate program. Learn more here.

3. Next, click the “Rebrand” button.

4. A pop-up will ask where you want to save the new file. Save it somewhere you can find it.

5. Please open and check the rebranded pdf to make sure everything branded correctly. Just open that pdf and mouse-over the links inside. Also, click on one or two of the links inside to ensure everything is working as it should be.

6. Now the fun starts! Spread that report all over the internet for maximum exposure and profits!

If you've never done this before, here's a video that I recorded for another rebrandable report that demonstrates how the software works:
Example How the Branding Software Works

Of course, if you have any questions, contact my help desk and we'll help you out. (Please include your Clickbank ID and any other links if you need help with branding.)

That's it for today. Have a great weekend!

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • @TheGirlPie

    Hey Nicole, nice to find you by way of @MarciaHoeck’s reccomendation. I scan your sidebar and see a lot of stuff I’m eager to check out, but just have time for this one post today.

    I thought I was pretty savvy, and I know “PDF” and “FAQ” — but how the heck does the Palestine Liberation Reserve (“PLR”?) fit in ~ !?

    I love the idea of rebrandable reports, and look forward to reading it and to reading about how the software works — lots of fun links to follow in this post… except the one to a glossary for new visitors ~ ha!

    See ya ’round–


  • jean

    Hi Nicole,
    I am unable to download the PLR
    as I have a Mac and the file is not compatible.
    could you help?

  • gretchen

    When I click on the “Open this .exe rebrander file” all I get is a whole bunch of code.

    I am on a mac.

    Can you help?

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