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Tax Time — (Begin playing the Theme From Jaws…)

I've got to say I really really dislike doing taxes. Not only do I dislike things that make me feel stupid, but I really hate having a threat of punishment hanging over my head if I screw it up!

One of the things that is helping me with my taxes this year is Home Business Tax Smarts which is one of the freebies I received when I joined

Home Business Tax Smarts is an interesting interview set up between Kelly McCausey and her ex-husband, who is a tax-whiz. 🙂 It's great to hear a REAL WAHM asking a Tax Guy the same questions I had in mind. How do I KEEP more money and still give Uncle Sam his fair share?!

If you're a Work at Home Mom or a Work at Home Mom Wannabee and you haven't heard of MomsMasterminds, you are missing out on making more money. Between the
Audio Courses, Video Courses, and Business Tools, the membership is worth it. Tack on the mentoring and it's priced ridiculously low.

Here are some of the Treasures included in your membership…
“Underachiever” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) System
7 Deadly Website Sins
Home Business Tax Smarts
Increase Your Sales with Copywriting
4 Big Lessons in Making More & Working Less
Increasing Your Sales with Online Auctions
Google AdWords from Start to Finish
Create Your Own Blog
Create a Media/Press Kit
How to Create a Website in 5 Days
Ultimate Time Management Guide
Project Planning Sheets

Check it out today at
MomsMasterminds. I'll see you there, and I'll be learning with you!


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