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Not enough Newsletter Subscribers? Build your Newsletter List.

“What's your Biggest Question about achieving Success — offline or online?”

At my ShowMomTheMoney Network last week, we started a discussion asking “What's your Biggest Question?” Several of the moms had mentioned that they are not getting enough sign-ups to their newsletters. They understand the importance of having a newsletter list — to build a relationship, trust, follow-up, repeat sales, affiliate sales, etc. — but their lists were not growing. After taking a journey through some of these sites, I noticed two things …

* I couldn't FIND the sign up boxes when I looked at their site. If your goal is to get people to sign up for your newsletter — put your signup box FRONT AND CENTER at the top of your screen on as many pages as it makes sense (possibly all of them). I, myself, am working on making my signup box stand out more. 🙂

* The sign-up boxes said “Sign up for my newsletter” – Why?! Why should I sign up for your newsletter? What kind of information are you offering? What makes your newsletter special? Will I get a bonus for signing up? Use your best sales pitch to get a viewer to sign up for your newsletter — just saying “Sign up for our Mailing List” doesn't exactly make me leap with excitement. 😉

Stop on by the ShowMomTheMoney Network and post your Biggest Question. What is keeping YOU from success?

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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