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Bragging up some friends…

I'm so proud my friends that I wanted to brag them up a
little. 🙂

My good friend, Darlene Arechederra, is the creator of the
Stay-at-Home Bootcamp — for women of two-income households who'd
love to return home to their children. Take her FREE Quiz to see if
you're ready to become a Stay-at-Home mom?
afford to stay home


I just adore my good friend Marie Magdala Roker of
Smart Bee Coaching LLC
She's been coaching me and I have to say that I feel a huge weight
lifted off my shoulders and a greater sense of focus. Plus, we
laugh a lot during the sessions which is always good ‘therapy'!

Marie's also launced a great program called
Successful Thinking
for a Successful Life.
She's amazing!

I'm also really proud of my friend, Kelly McCausey. I just received
her new printed newsletter. It's AWESOME! Did you read it? If so,
do let me know what you thought of my column. I hope you liked it!

If you missed out on the WC —
here's the info.

Remember how I sent out a request for columnists? I've been just
BLOWN away by the talent of the people who have contacted me.
Here's just a few of the articles I've been given…

Lisa Gonzalez – The REAL WAHM World

Janice Ferrante, the Queen of KAOS

Matt Cox, owner of Megan's Pantry

Chris Carroll,

Have a WONDERFUL week!

PS. You can still get free advertising by submitting recipes to
Free Quick Recipes Site — just include your URL in the
‘Submitted by' section

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