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What gets you Excited about Your Business? (by Marie Roker)

Marie Magdala Roker of Smart Bee Coaching, LLC sent this in her newsletter this week and wanted to share it with you. Here it is, written by Marie …

I want to talk to you about your business. I just have to ask, what gets you excited about your business?

What I mean is what makes your heart sing, gives you that tingling feeling like the first time you felt in love, makes you want to dance on a Monday morning?

You see, it's that same excitement that will get you through the rough patches. When everything is going smoothly, you are the queen of the world; hit a bump and you're ready to leave the queendom.

I'm here to tell you to keep that feeling! When is slow and you don't know what lies ahead, stay excited. When you start to worry about what may or may not happen, stay excited. Have you ever spoken to someone who is so passionate about what they are doing that it's almost contagious? You feel excited for them, you want to hear more, and you feel genuinely happy for them.

How do you approach your business now? Do you jump up in the morning, eager to find out what's new with your business? Do the little things make you feel good or do you grumble about the fact that your business is moving slow and you've made no sales? You are fortunate to have your business so be proud of it; the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are no promises in life, but the one thing no one can take away from you is your exciting business.

So no matter what happens today, say to yourself: “I'm passionate and excited about my business!”

Keep saying it until you believe it.

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