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Weird Niche: Biker Babies & Tots

Hi again. It’s Weird Niche Wednesday time. Woo hoo!

UPDATE: Just realized that it's Tuesday. lol. What a week!

If you're new to Weird Niche Wednesday, you're in for a treat. I find weird niches and websites and share them. We'll discuss whether it's a viable niche and also giggle during the process.

Examples of past Weird Niche Wednesdays have included:

Are they viable niches? You'll have to click to look. And, yes, I get insane Google traffic to this blog, including plenty for “Naked Duvet Covers“.  lol. Yes. My stats are quite amusing. 🙂

ok. Let's dig in. Today's niche is just plain cute.

Biker Babies.

No, not Biker Babes (sorry, guys) but babies.

Here. Let me show you.

Is there a Viral Video?

Of course, that sent me off on a nice long trip around the ‘net – and I came across another video. The THINGS I do for you. 😉

So I checked the “Is there a goofy viral video about this niche” test – which is totally a non-indicator of whether it'll make money or not. I just do it for fun.

But, YES. There is.

So, is this a viable  niche? Let’s dig in and see what’s there.

Is this Niche Actively Searched?

I did a little research and discovered the following keywords and phrases:

biker baby clothes
biker baby clothing
biker baby costume
biker baby pictures
biker baby shower
biker baby names
biker baby bedding
biker baby boutique
biker baby gifts
biker baby gear
biker baby birth announcement
biker baby apparel
biker baby accessories
biker baby announcement
biker baby bibs
biker baby boy names
biker baby book
biker baby blankets
biker baby boy clothes
biker baby crib
biker baby chaps
biker baby carrier
biker baby decor
biker baby duck
biker baby halloween costume
biker baby harley davidson
biker baby halloween
biker baby halloween costumes
biker baby items
biker baby invite
biker baby invitations
biker baby jacket
biker baby layouts
biker baby leather jacket
biker baby learns to count
biker baby motorcycle
biker baby nursery
biker baby onesie
biker baby outfit
biker baby on board
biker baby onesies
biker baby outfits
biker baby patch
biker baby pacifier
biker baby products
biker baby patches
biker baby room
biker baby shirts
biker baby stuff
biker baby shoes
biker baby stroller
biker baby shower invitations
biker baby shower theme
biker baby skull patch
biker baby shower ideas
biker baby t-shirts
biker baby tees
biker baby t shirt
biker baby toys
biker baby wear
dirt biker baby clothes
biker baby costumes
biker baby shower decorations
biker baby shower invites
biker baby shower favors
the biker baby boutique
biker baby crib bedding

Yowza. There are lots of  “spending money” terms on that list. I deleted most of the freebie terms like “biker baby clipart”.  This might be worth looking into further.

Are Other People Making Money in this Niche?

I searched Google for several of the keyphrases listed above and I’m seeing paid advertisers on some of the terms and none on others, so it looks like this niche has some potential – either as a stand alone or as part of a larger site.

Is there a Way to Monetize this Niche?

There are tons of ways to try to monetize this niche. Here are a few ideas…

  1. Create some designs and set up a Zazzle store.
  2. Apply for the affiliate program and find products on there to promote. (I checked and there are some especially when you look for “Harley Davidson” and babies.)
  3. Sign up and promote other affiliate programs – perhaps baby shower invites or costumes.
  4. Adsense Ads – since there are advertisers on Google, this could be another stream of income.
  5. Write a children's book on this topic or record a CD of biker baby music and sell it on

Thanks, as always, for hanging out for Weird Niche Wednesday with me.

Nicole Dean

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I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • TheHappypreneur

    Too funny Nicole! I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets my days confused sometimes. Does that mean we might have too much on our minds? Like trying to find weird niches? LOL!

    God Bless,

    • Nicole

      I think running a business is ENOUGH. Add in life… and yowza! 😀

      I normally have a weekly lunch date every Wednesday with my husband to get either Thai or Indian food. Well, we went today since we had no groceries in the house. So I blame him for my mental confusion! lol!

  • Sheila Atwood

    When I first saw the title to this blog, I thought – what a great niche!

    Yesterday I saw a bicycle that was built for 2 in a race. The back rider was a toddler. He was decked out in all the gear and his own set of pedals.

    This was so fun. I will be back next Wednesday.

  • Heidi

    We worked at a raceway for a fundraiser weekend this summer and I couldn’t believe the number of people who brought their little kids. Some had ear plugs and some didn’t. I think this is definitely a viable niche.

  • Sue

    Thanks Nicole, sounds great, debating about the ebook idea….could be something there!

  • Susanne Myers

    What a fun niche Nicole and what a great example of taking a very popular niche that has people in it who are very much into something and then moving it laterally.

    I’m sure it would be pretty tough to compete online on just regular biker parts and accessories since there are tons of other big sites out there already doing this.

    But by approaching it from a different angle and targeting a sub-niche like the baby biker one, you are going around all that competition while still cashing in on the passion of the niche. LOVE IT!

  • The Mom

    So, here I am, it’s Wednesday, and I’m thinking about WNW – oh happy day! Wednesday is finally here and I can go see what Nik is doing for WNW. Just to find out I’m a day-late-and-a-dollar-short. Wait! It IS Wednesday today! Good to know even my bright lovely Nik gets her days screwed up!

    Anyway, having survived “Harley Weekend” in Tomahawk, Wisconsin this September, and seeing all the babies with Harley gear, the answer is a resounding YES, biker babies are big business. But, even bigger???… biker dogs. Babies and dogs, now there’s a combination. Somebody has GOT to create a video, eh? Picture babies and dogs in matching fur hats (fake fur, of course) with ear flaps, and goggles. HA! Baby on souped up tricycle with doggie in sidecar… Okay, this is too much fun. Gotta get back to real work.

    Oh, and yowza! Search term banquet. 😉

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