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Free Advertising Ideas

I got an email the other day from a good friend. She wrote:

“Nicole, I can't pay for advertising. What are the best ways to get free advertising?”

Here's what I told here…
If you have more time than money, then there are MANY ways to get free advertising, traffic and incoming links to your site.

I've got several options for you.

Submit quick and easy recipes with your website URL to
Free Quick Recipes

I also offer a totally free Web Course at where you'll learn 26 ideas to get free advertising for your website.You can find plenty more ideas for free advertising at my site … from blogs to Logo Tee-shirts.
Get Traffic – Site Promotion

You CAN establish an online presence without breaking your budget!

PS. Don't forget about the New PRINTED newsletter I told you about…. Everybody's doin' it! 😉
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