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(Guest Post) Outsourcing Transcription of Your Podcast, Teleseminar, and Audio Files

Hey guys. I'm still in Atlanta hanging out with my friends and teaching at NAMS. But, while I'm gone, my friend (who happens to also be my Podcast Transcriptionist) offered to come by and keep you company – while sharing her knowledge of outsourcing.

Here's a picture of us together. (I'm the goofy one on the left.) –>

Please give a big warm welcome to Loretta and leave lots of comments and questions so she feels the love. And, if you've got a podcast or if you record teleseminars – hire her. She's good.

Hi, this is Loretta Oliver from Teleseminars Transcribed and I’m here on Nicole’s blog to talk about something we both love…., outsourcing. It’s definitely no secret that I love outsourcing, not only is it what I do in my service based business, I also outsource to other people on the things that are not my strengths. It’s a great way to create balance in your business.


Today in particular we’re going to talk about outsourcing to a transcriptionist to have text transcripts made from your podcast, teleseminar, video, webinar, dictation or other audio files that you might have laying around on your hard drive just taking up space and not being used.

I want to cover two things really quickly, reasons why you want to have transcripts made and some tips on working with a transcriptionist.

First, let’s talk about why you want to have transcripts created in addition to your audio.

After all, audio and video are the new ways of the web right? Well, that’s sort of right. A lot of people are quick to jump on the audio and video bandwagon because it gives you a little SEO boost, it’s faster to record a video than to write an article for a lot of people, etc…

Those are all great reasons to create a video or record an audio, but in my opinion you should have a text version to go with it as well and here a few quick reasons why…

Having a transcript made gives you a new format. You've just repurposed your content with little effort on your part. You've got something new that you can give your audience in the form of a PDF as a short report. This could be free viral content or it could even be a report that you sell for small fee, depending on the content and your goal with it.

What if your customer or visitor can't hear? Technology is a wonderful thing and the internet is widely used by people everywhere today. Unfortunately, a lot of those people are hearing impaired.

If they've landed on your site via a search, that means you have something they're looking for, but if you're only offering audio and video versions they can't hear it and if you’re not offering a text version then they aren't going to get what they came searching for in the first place and they're going to move on away from your site and find a site that meets their needs.

Surrounding area may not allow for easy listening. The internet is portable these days and folks are surfing the web at lightning fast speeds in all sorts of places. Let’s say your video or podcast has the answer to the problem they are querying in Google right now – that’s awesome right? Maybe not so much if you don’t have the text to go with it. What if they are in a crowded subway station with no headphones and they can’t hear over the noise? Or in a quiet office waiting room with no speakers or no headphones?

In the case of info products and online courses, sometimes people just like to have the text format to read and follow along with the audio or video. They can print it out, highlight, and takes notes on it if they want to. They can read along on their screen if they want to. They can watch or listen first and then read later, or refer to the text when they are working on what you just taught them. The addition of the transcript allows them to consume your content in the way that's best for them, and that's always a good thing.

Now let’s talk about getting your transcript created.

This is the easy part for you because you’ve already created the main content, which is the audio or video file, and you just need to send that to a transcriptionist to get the text version created. There are a few things you want to consider for your transcripts and in most cases your transcriptionist is going to guide you through the process painlessly.

First, make sure your transcriptionist accepts the file formats that you have, especially if you’re using video because not all transcriptionists work with video.

Is your audio sound quality good and clear with no static or background noise? Many transcriptionists, myself included, will charge an additional fee for poor quality audio that is difficult to hear the speakers on.

A similar consideration to think about is are all the parties involved speaking clearly and easy to understand. On occasion a mumbling guest or a thick difficult to understand accent may cost you a slightly extra fee as well. Those are most likely the only times you’ll incur extra fees unless you request rush delivery or some special formatting.

Thanks for hanging out with me today here on Nicole's blog and thanks to Nicole for letting me talk shop while she's away. If you have any questions about transcription please do ask, I'll be hanging around to answer some Q&A in the comments section here, or you can email me from my website if you prefer to ask privately.

Kind Regards,

Loretta has more than 7 years of transcription service experience and strives to deliver a quality product to each and every client, no matter the size of the project.

Requests for transcription are accepted at Teleseminars Transcribed for any length from 5 minutes of personal dictation to an ongoing series of hour long teleseminars.

Note from Nicole: And she's awesome! 🙂

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Peggy Baron

    Thanks Loretta! I am one of those who would much prefer to read the transcript than listen to the audio. I find I can read much faster than I can listen.


  • Mary

    I agree with Peggy. I find myself downloading the transcript and printing it out so I can take it along to read on the go. (Thankfully my hubby does the driving) 🙂 I guess I could download the audio onto my ipod, but I find myself drifting off to sleep when I listen.

  • Anita Hampl

    At the risk of sounding like a “me too”, I need to say “Me,too!” I often surf the web at Starbucks in-between client meetings or while waiting for soccer practice to end. I am not going to have an audio (or video) going in public, that’s just rude. And I’m not going to carry headphones with me to soccer, that’s just inconvenient. Give me the text or go into my “pay attention to later” folder.

  • Savvy Subcontracting

    You don’t know how thrilled I am to read this. My monthly podcast series with multi-VA firms answering FAQ of subcontractors needs to be put into a transcript. Which I have no experience in. It may be my next goal to make all podcasts available in an ebook.

  • Carey Suante - Transcriber

    I couldn’t agree more with Loretto.

    I’m also one of those who prefer reading to listening.

    As for bloggers or any online entrepreneurs if you’re not getting your podcasts transcribed you’re leaving money on the table.

    Here are 11 Reasons why you should provide transcripts of your podcasts:

    Posting the transcripts of your podcasts to your blog/website provides the rich text content for search engines to index. Most search engines do not index your audio file. To get traffic to your site, you need regular, quality text content.

    Your podcast listeners will enjoy having a text version side by side while listening for reference and skim. By providing all the options for your audience, they will remember which podcasts are more user friendly than others. What is important is that the audience is given a choice.

    Some people simply prefer to read the content rather than listen. Many use the content as a reference for further studies and research. Reading a transcript can also be helpful if the voices on the podcast are hard to understand.

    By providing podcast transcripts, you are broadening your audience and reaching more people like hearing impaired people.

    The transcripts of podcasts can be used as blog posts.

    Transcripts of your podcasts can also be turned into ebooks.

    It’s easier to monitize your podcasts with accompanying transcripts using contextual ads like Google AdSense.

    You are over-delivering when you provide transcripts of podcasts.

    You are one step ahead of your competition, who has no transcripts, with podcast transcription.

    It is possible to link to other relevant blog posts and resources from within the podcast transcripts.

    For most people English is their second or even third language. They may not comprehend fully from what they hear, but with transcripts it becomes easier for them to understand what you say.

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