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How to Grow your List with JV Giveaways

Hi again! I know it's Saturday and I am normally off playing today, but there's something important I need to discuss – so here I am. 🙂

What's today's topic?

Using JV Giveaway Events to Quickly Grow your List.

First – if you already know what a Giveaway Event is and how to use it to grow your list quickly, then check this out:
NAMS 4 Kids: Build your List & Save Kids Lives – FREE!

If you're new to this concept, then you're in luck. I've created a video series below to answer the following questions:

  • What is a JV Giveaway?
  • I'd like to build my list but have nothing to contribute. Can I still benefit?
  • Where should I sign up for my first giveaway? How do I know which ones are good?
  • What do I do after I sign up?

Scroll down to the section you'd like.

What is a JV Giveaway Event and How Can it Build your List?

A Joint Venture Giveaway Event is a way to build your list by giving away good stuff. It's a collaboration where many marketers (like you) each donates a valuable gift. Then, everyone promotes the event. It can really help grow your business – if done right.

If you are already familiar with Giveaways, scroll down for the scoop on a new one.

If not, here's a quick video that I recorded to explain how it works: (If you can't see the video, go to:

Referenced doodles for your amusement:

Which Giveaway should you start with?

I recommend this one!

NAMS 4 Kids: Build your List & Save Kids Lives – FREE!
(Link will open in a new window and not interrupt your video.)

Which should you Contribute?

Ideally, I recommend that you give away something you've created – like an audio, report, or video series.

BUT! If you don't have anything yet – there are options. See the next video for ideas.

If you don't have anything of your own, where can you get items to participate as a contributor – quickly?

What if you don't HAVE anything to donate? Can you still participate? YES!

Watch this video for info:

Resources mentioned in this video: (all links open in a new window)

What do you do once you sign up?

After you sign up, things may look confusing. Here's a quick walk through of how to set up your account.

Again, here's the link for the NAMS for Kids Giveaway:

NAMS 4 Kids: Build your List & Save Kids Lives – FREE!
(Link will open in a new window and not interrupt your video.)

That's it in a nutshell. I hope this was helpful!

Post questions below. I'll check for comments this weekend, just so we can move this ahead.


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Mark Mason

    This is cool — I am in on this too (I need to get to work)! Mark

    • Nicole

      Yes it is. 🙂

      I’ve participated in quite a few over the years. Some are great and lots are duds. The cool thing is, though, that once you set up for one, you’re ready for the next good one that comes by your inbox – and you can tweak based upon your results.

      But, there are definitely ways to optimize your results as stated in the videos above.

      I have no doubt you’ll do great!

      Let me know if you run into questions.


  • Lalitha

    Hi Nicole

    I hope you remember me. We did an interview quite sometime back. I have been following you and Dr. Mani and would love to support and be a part of this. This is exciting and more than anything, your lovely way of teaching this stuff gives encouragement to a Non-techie person like me. I am in, but I am a little apprehensive about doing all the things correctly. I will definitely have questions. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  • Susanne Myers

    Hi Lalitha,

    here’s what I do for these types of giveaways:

    1) I set up a new page for the giveaway and just add a optinpage for it. If you use Aweber, you can simply grab the code for one of their optin forms and add a little headline and some bullet points about why people should sign up for your free gift. Add the code to the optin page and submit that page for the giveaway.

    2) In the autoresponder / followup section for that new list, add a short little message that includes the link to the pdf. This can be the same link that you already have on your download page for your paid ebook right now.

    The nice way about doing it this way is that you are building a list of people who are interested in yoru ebook and you can keep emailing them from here on out to
    – get them to join your affiliate program if you have one.
    – offer them any other products you create down the road or even related products that you are an affiliate for.

    Hope this helps,


  • Lalitha Brahma

    Hi Nicole

    I have a $37 value ebook to give away.
    My product is delivered as PDF document.
    What will I provide for
    Direct Download URL?
    Can you help how to covert this PDF to downloadable link?
    The payment for ebook is linked to paypal.
    Should I change it to zero from Aug 20-27?
    Does it mean everyone will get free for those seven days? I am confused. can you please help?
    I want to start this right away. Hope to get the answers.

  • Lalitha Brahma

    Thanks Susanne. Looks like I have not put my question clearly.
    My question is concerning NAMS for kids-Manage Gift-Page.
    Cureently I send the ebook as PDF attachment thru’ autoresponder to my list and don’t have a downloadable link. Hence what information do I provide for “Direct Download URL”
    2. NAMS-Profile Page-What is Paypal id -Is it tha paypal email id? Why is that required?

    • Nicole

      Hi Lalitha,
      How do the people get added to your autoresponder? Do you have a download page? If so, that’s what you enter there.

      As for your paypal ID, that’s how they’ll pay you for any sales you make from referrals. Leave it blank if you’d like them to go to charity.


  • Lalitha Brahma

    Thanks Nicole.

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the great post Nicole. I believe the more you give the more you get.

  • Lalitha Brahma

    Hi Nicole

    Thanks for the JV invite. I was able to add over 10 subscribers to my Ezine and 7 persons downloaded my Free Give away. Please keep informed of more JV opportunities.

  • Julian Starr

    Thanks Nicole. JV Giveaways are the best way to gain subscribers and build a good list. I have been doing it for 2 years!

  • Evan Beck

    Nicole, are you still doing these events? I think you should do an update on this valuable info and also update what are now the best resources currently available.

    I am getting ready to do this for the mobile web market, but if you want to get a head start I have what I believe is a good report and guide on building mobile websites. You can visit my page in my signature above for this free information.

    Evan Beck
    Mobile Web Experts

  • Diane

    Hi Nicole, I’ve been buying your plr for awhile and I love the writing and your honesty.
    I am wondering since I am trying to build my list, I’m trying to get 2 products go giveaway.
    Are there any good JV Event giveaways that you recommend that I can join?
    thanks Diane

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