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Free Blog Content: Embed YouTube Videos in your WordPress Blog Posts

Hi I’m back with another  “FREE Content for Your Blog” Friday!

Friday is the “freebie” day where I give you free content that you can use on your blog. Hurray!

Today, I'd like to talk videos. Did you know that it's super-easy to embed YouTube videos onto your blog? That didn't use to be the case.

While, I don't want to encourage you to add video just to add video, it can certainly add value IF you can find a channel with helpful, expert videos (like mine – hint hint). If so, you should do it!

Here's how easy it is: (Actually, it just got easier. See below this video.)

The new easier way that was brought to my attention by Scott of Scott J. Smith  is below.

View the rest of this post here:

So with that method, you just copy and paste the URL of any YouTube video or Vimeo video into your blog and then make sure it's on it's one line.

I tried it, of course, before I posted here. It works. 🙂

If you'd like to grab ANY of my YouTube videos, you can get them here:

Nicole Dean's Awesome YouTube Channel <- Click there to grab videos

Or, if you're in a different niche, then look around and find some videos that your blog visitors will love!

I hope you've enjoyed this “Free Blog Content” Friday. I know I have! If you'd like, please share your YouTube channel in your comment below – to encourage my readers to embed your videos.

Thanks, as always, for another wonderful week of fun.


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • The Happypreneur

    Thanks so much Nicole. You make it so easy! Love your blog and all you offer us. We appreciate you.

    Bless you Darlin’!
    Celene Harrelson

  • The Mom

    Hey Nik!
    Thanks for the S-I-M-P-L-E instructions for installing videos on WordPress. It does get overwhelming when you’re a beginner, like me. Even the phrase “html” had me breaking out in hives at first. 😉

    Quick question. Do videos actually provide content in the eyes of Google? Or is it really providing content, fun, instruction, etc. for readers only?

    • The Happypreneur

      That’s funny Patti, I can absolutely relate! At our age (39 and holdin’) this technology stuff is a bit more intimidating for us than the under 39 set. Thank goodness for people like Nicole to show us the ropes. We’ll be OK, if they just speak s-l-o-w-l-y. ;^)


      • The Mom

        Thanks Celene!

        I am so grateful that Nicole has the patience I taught her so she could teach me. Wow… that was a weird thought process. (insert head rattling)


        Anyway, thanks again Celene. Yes, we 39 and holdin’ group sure can be thankful for our tech savvy youngsters. (Although Nicole swears she’s not tech savvy. Well she sure fooled us.)

  • Bonnie

    Thanks Nicole for the great video tutorial! I only THOUGHT I knew how to embed videos. ‘Glad I watched yours. (When I previously did mine, I missed the part on the sizing of the videos.) I will certainly go to your YouTube channel for your wonderful explanations. Thanks again!

  • Sandra

    Thanks so much for sending this out about posting a youtube video on your wordpress blog because I am still learning everyday something new about wordpress and trying to get more and more comfortable with it! I will go to your YouTube channel for more great videos like this one!

  • Dan Morris

    I like that your videos are easy to follow without being patronizing.

    I just thought I’d add a video tip to this embed idea. I use a plug-in called Tubepress. Tubepress is great because it will pull in a bunch of videos at once and create a neat “table” of videos with a movie window at the top.

    All you do is add videos to a playlist in YouTube, then copy the playlist ID and paste it into the TubePress settings on your blog. Then, where you want to insert the videos into your blog post, you just type [tubepress] and voila! it’s done.

    It’s quite a bit different than embedding one video in a blog post – and great fun!


  • Linda

    Nicole, Great info for those that need embedding help… I myself and over 39 😉 don’t need the tutorial but I am glad to see you teaching those that do… you always offer up something good.

    @danmorris Great tip there for Tubepress, haven’t used it but intend to. (Been using other plugins) Isn’t Open Source Great?!!!

  • Virtual Subcontract Team

    You are awesome. Am I correct in saying embedding YouTube videos isn’t like article copyright issues?

  • Pamela Cendejas

    Hi – I was wondering what program you used to create your videos. I like Brainshark but am always interested in other programs, too.

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