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How to Truly Be Happy

What Would Truly Make You Happy?

One of the books I read recently was “Fail Fast, Fail Often”. (Check it out on Amazon)

There was a story in there that impacted me and I wanted to share it with you.

The Fun Challenge.

In the book, there's a fictional story of a young man whose great-uncle (an inventor) passed away. The great-uncle had recently invented a fun-meter that you wear on your wrist, much like a Fitbit, only it measures fun instead of steps. The fun gets rated on a scale of 1-10.

A one meant you were “down in the dumps” and ten meant “happy as can be”.

Although the young man didn't know the wealthy uncle well, he was asked to come to the reading of the will. He was shocked to find out that he was awarded $100 million dollars … if he could pass a test.

The young man would have to wear the fun-meter every day for a year. The watch's data would be sent to the estate's office each day.

If, at the end of the year, the young man had reached a high of at least a 7 at some point every single day for the entire year, he would be awarded the $100 million dollars. If not, he got nothing.

I've told several friends this story and asked what they would do on their first day.

And to me “FUN” can be replaced with “JOY” or general happiness.

So what would bring you joy?

The results were very interesting.

One person, who I will not name, said “I would go bowling”. Now this person has the time and resources to go bowling and, in fact, there is a bowling alley only a few miles from our (uhhh… I mean HIS) house. πŸ˜‰ This man has only bowled a handful of times since we were … I mean HE was married 23 years ago. So, WHY on earth isn't he going bowling? I mean, even stopping by for a game here and there after work? It doesn't have to be a big commitment or a big deal. He can just grab his smokin' hot wife and take her out bowling once in awhile.

Another friend of mine said said “I'd go fishing”. I asked “What's stopping you?” He said “Honestly, nothing!” I hope he goes fishing.

Now obviously we can't just have fun all of the time and ignore work. But really, for me a 7 on a joy scale would be jumping in the pool for a bit with my sexy husband, going on a bike ride, playing a game with my son, going to see my daughter in a show, or going to the park and swinging a bit.

Cheap. Easy. Quick. And, yes, I do all of those things, but I have not been mindful enough to make them a daily habit like brushing my teeth.

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The Story of the “Poor” Fisherman.

It reminds me of the story of the executive and the fisherman. (I've googled and googled and can't find attribution so someone please help me to attribute this to the right person). I may ALSO be getting this story totally wrong, but here's how I remember it as I heard it years ago.

An executive sees a poor fisherman standing on the bank, fishing in the sunshine. The executive walks up to the fisherman and strikes up a conversation. He asks why the man is not working. The fisherman says that he is happy fishing and has all that he needs.

The executive tries to inspire the fisherman and says that if the fisherman works hard for many decades, he could be wealthy some day. The fisherman again says that he has all that he needs and is happy.

The executive says with pride “Well someday I will be wealthy.”

The fisherman asks “What will you do when you are wealthy?”

The executive stop and states with a little laugh “I will go fishing”.

The fisherman replies as they laugh together “You don't need to be wealthy to do that!”

My Challenge to You.

So on this beautiful day, going into the weekend, I challenge you to commit to doing something every day to reach a 7 in fun (or joy or happiness) that day. Make a plan to do so. It can be cheap, easy, and fast if you're short on time.

  • Go blow bubbles with your kids.
  • Bake some cookies.
  • Sing show tunes in the car.
  • Climb a tree.
  • Go on a walk along the waterfront.
  • Get an ice cream cone.
  • Try something new.
  • Surprise someone.
  • Snuggle puppies, humans, kittens.
  • Play. Laugh. Love. LIVE.
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I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

With much appreciation.




I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Kelly

    Today I spent some time hanging out on a porch with my niece – shooting the breeze for no reason at all but to enjoy her company. That gave me joy πŸ™‚

  • Annemarie OBea

    My activity is limited this month but today I went to the beach club for a bit and watched and listened to the sounds of the surf. Ended up chatting, reluctantly at first, with a table of the most interesting people, most in their 80s. Their spark for life was infectious and well timed.

    • Nicole

      I’ve been thinking of you, my friend. I always love how you look for those little moments of joy. Ever since I’ve known you, you have, even when your body wasn’t able to do all the things you wanted it to do, you still seek joy. I love you. Keep me posted on the news with your progress.

  • Bo

    Loading up to go kayaking today. 9 on my fun meter. Also having lunch with my sisters today – I’ll know later what # that was…lol.

  • Loretta

    This blog post is like getting a Nicole hug in word form ~ thank you so much for that πŸ™‚

  • Mary J Blackburn

    My joy has been spent this summer with my grandchildren. I am able to work at home, so I can swim with them, make s’more’s around the campfire, run through the yard with squirt guns, make cookies, pudding pops, pop cycles, and watch movies.
    As far as Vitamin D goes, back in 2013, I had an upper respiratory infection that I could not shake. My PCP said “Oh there’s nothing I can do, you just have to let it run it’s course.” Thankfully, I was in school for my health coaching certification and listened to Dr Andrew Wyle. I started taking Vitamin D supplements in March and saw my PCP in June. After starting the D supplements the upper respiratory infection went away. My PCP did blood work before I saw him, which I asked to have my Vitamin D levels checked. My level after three months was still at only 38. Vitamin D is so important to upper respiratory support. I live in Pennsylvania, so sunshine and Vitamin D naturally is not an option in the winter.

    Thanks Nicole for this reminder of being happy and also how important Vitamin D is.
    Love this and hope to make it to Beachpreneurs some day soon.

    • Nicole

      You are such a cool gramma!!! <3
      As for the Vitamin D, YES YES YES. A thousand times YES! I live in Florida and was under 20. So yes, everyone, no matter where they live, need to get their levels checked. Agreed! I'm so glad you did.
      I hope you'll make it to Beachpreneurs soon, too! πŸ™‚
      And, of course, thank you for the comment.

  • Jean

    Nicole, you look really happy, and a powerful woman with a real purpose to serve others. You are a treasure greater than money.
    Glad to meet you:
    Stay close, and have a wonderful day.

  • Alice Coaxum

    Lately, I have been making more time for things I enjoy. Reading, music, movies, spending time with my grandson, and cuddling with hubby are at the top of my list.

  • Neisha

    I finally stopped listening to other people and decided to work my online business according to my beliefs and expertise. Life is so fulfilling that I could go on and on about what makes me happy. I’ve also been weight training instead of only cardio. It’s life changing and so much fun.

    • Nicole

      I LOVE doing weights and I do not love doing cardio. I gave myself permission to do yoga and weights. I work in some hikes, swimming and other fun stuff. I figure, as long as I’m moving and doing weights, I’m doing better than sitting at home dreading the gym. πŸ˜‰ Go us!!!

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