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What BS Rules are Keeping You From the Best Experiences of Your Life?

I just returned recently from a 5 day trip to New York City.

As an introvert (and a “fresh air” kind of girl), I really had ZERO desire to go to NYC. But, I have a Broadway-loving daughter and I promised her we would go for her 16th birthday.

She's turning 17 in September so it was time to as we say either poop or get off the pot.

So I pooped. lol.

I fully intended to not like NYC. The noise, the crowds, the concrete.

And it was all because I had made up some BS rules about NYC and about ME that were not even a bit founded in truth.

I'd been doing some training by Vishen Lakhani from MindValley about what he calls Brules (his term for BS rules) and I'm working with Belanie Dishong from Live at Choice. So I'd been watching for these BS Rules to show up (so that I can SMITE them)  in all areas of my life. I had a feeling this “I won't like NYC” just might end up being another one of them.

So, not one to be a party pooper, I made the decision to go as if I loved it and embrace the adventure (even though I was secretly still dreading it a bit).

And, wouldn't you know it, but I FREAKING LOVED IT. Like I could easily live summers there.

I loved everything about Manhattan except for the obvious shortage of public restrooms. (If you've been, you know that there are times you will buy a banana or a Starbucks just to be able to use a restroom. But of course, buying a Starbucks just puts you in the same predicament an hour or two later. lol.)

  • I loved the noise.
  • I loved the energy and the people.
  • I loved the food.
  • I loved the shows.
  • I loved the culture.
  • I loved seeing iconic buildings.
  • I loved the tall buildings. The 70 elevator ride up the Top of the Rock gave us a beautiful fresh air view of Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty… so gorgeous.
  • I loved watching my daughter and husband fall in love with New York City.
  • I loved it all.

So the RULES that were in fact BS included….

  • I am an introvert and introverts hate crowds.
  • Cities are not for me. They are scary, dirty, yucky, and confusing.
  • I will feel out of place in New York City.

I wanted to share my experience here, because of two reasons.

1. I could have let BS rules in my head ruin what was a life-changing trip.

2. I am curious about how many other BS rules I have running that are keeping me from magic.

3. I wanted to ask you to be curious, too!

I invite you to question the stories in your head. I sure am.

I'm very excited to see what other BS rules (ie chains, binds, and blockages) that I can blast out of existence.

And… I invite you to travel. Whether a small trip or a large one, I come back changed from every trip I take. I can't imagine if I had chosen not to go because of some crap I made up. It's heartbreaking to think of missing what I just experienced. Please. Don't Think. Just Go.

For instance, it is heartbreaking to think that I may have missed ALL of this… because of rules that I made up.

A quick recap of just a few of the things that I am thankful for having been able to experience….

Oh my goodness, the Statue of Liberty is beautiful!!! And.. #freshair #boathairdontcare

I never realized that she's walking. That touched me, deeply. I always had it in my head that she was standing still – but she is a woman ON a mission, heading to shore. #danggirl

Mastering the Subway … after a Few Snafus. #theyleftmebehind #adventure #lovemyfamily #theyfoundme

We spent a quiet few moments with Alexander and Eliza. #hamilton

Dinosaur butt. (Because I'm secretly still 10 years old.) And walking down to where they filmed Star Talk (my husband is a fan.)

I got to see amazing shows… 
Spongebob Squarepants the Musical with my favorite Bean #bestdayever

Watching my sweet girl meet awesome hard-working actors from the shows she's dreamed of seeing.

And a surprise date with my hubby to see “Escape to Margaritaville” that was quite magical, as well. I am so glad we got to see it as it was the last few days it was on Broadway. Apparently Jimmy Buffett was there a few days prior to see his show one last time. #whatwouldjimmybuffettdo

Let's Chat!

Have you faced a situation like this where you discovered your assumptions were totally false and holding you back? I would love to hear all about it.

Or maybe you want to tell me about your favorite things to do in New York City for my next trip? 🙂

As always, if you liked this post, I so appreciate shares and I adore comments! <3

I'll be back with all kinds of goodness soon.

Hugs and high fives,

Nicole Dean

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I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Kelly

    Omigoodness Nicole! I LoveLoveLove this post 🙂 You are so brave and amazing and adventurous.

    • Nicole

      I freaking love you, my friend. FREAKING LOVE YOU. You inspire me through your own bravery and adventure to be Awesome Nik every day. <3

  • Sally

    I smiled throughout your whole post. Love it and I love reading your little insights in your emails as well.

  • Kristin Lohmeyer

    I LOVE this so much that I re-read it 3 times haha! You’re writing always make me smile and think at the same time. It’s 100% spot on ~ On one hand, I’m scared of SO flipping much but I DO NOT want to be one of those “someday I’ll make it happen” people (after already wasting more than enough time lol) Love your thoughts and perspective ~ Sometimes ya just gotta “poop!” LOL! And love you bunches and bunches!

    • Nicole

      I so love you, my friend. YOU are making things happen. I definitely see it. And I’m proud of you. We rock!!! And we’re on our way to rocking even bigger and better. 😉

      I hope to see you at another Beachpreneurs event… when it makes sense. I know little ones make it a bit harder. But know you are always wanted (and hoped for). <3

  • Sadique

    Wonderful article. Nice work Nicole. Whenever I read your blog its make me happy and gives me loads of information about various aspect of life. I have realized know that Travelling is an integral part of life, traveling makes people more optimist and happy. Keep sharing your wonderful article.Good Luck

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