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Business Idea: Start a Transcription Business

You may have seen those “typing for pay” jobs before — well, most of them are scams, so stay away from them!

However, there is one “typing for pay” business that a work at home mom *can* do. And, it's legit.

Here's the scoop. Many, many online businesses record teleseminars and turn them into infoproducts. You may have even bought some of them. And, what do most come with? All the good ones include a Transcript, right? (See as an example.)

Personally, I won't buy a product unless it comes with a Transcript. I'm a visual learner so I like to “see” what I'm learning. Plus, I'm a terrible multi-tasker, so I can only take time to listen to audios when I'm at the gym or doing something other than spending time with the kids or working (which narrows it down quite a bit). Even if I'm out back, watching the kids swim in the pool, I can't listen, because they keep yelling “Watch this, Mommy!”. If I have headphones on, I feel like I'm not all there. If I'm reading, I can set the papers down and give them my full attention while they show off for me. Anyway, heading off on a tangent. (Moral of the story — if you create an infoproduct, make sure it has transcripts!) 😉

Anyway, back to the plot — who do you suppose TRANSCRIBES all of these audios? When John Reese records an audio, do you think he sits and types it in himself? Of course not. When Kelly and I recorded six hours of audio for — did we type it all up? Heck no! We hired a Transcriptionist.

With all of the weekly podcasts and radio shows… don't you think some of them would jump at an offer to have their shows transcribed? I know they would.

–> Just to clarify — this is NOT Medical Transcription. It's General Transcription. No medical typing is involved.

If you'd like to learn how to start a Transcription Business, check out the very affordable Transcription Starter Kit here. You'll get everything you need to learn how to get started in this online business.
And, have a great weekend!


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  • Carrie Lauth

    I agree Nicole. I find it hard to absorb as much material with audio than text. So I listen to the audios (usually multiple times) but when I’m ready to take action, I need text to highlight.

  • Mary Grant

    Hi Nicole,

    I have been thinking about doing this for a long time, but I didn’t know how to go about getting prospects and how to price the services. I heard about the home typing scams going around. Also, some people that did take medical transcription courses, still couldn’t get work, they needed some sort of certification, that wasn’t explained to them when they started the course.

    Thanks so much for putting this all together.

    Warm regards,
    Mary 🙂

  • Administrator

    Hi Mary,

    Certainly. Medical Transcription is much more involved than this type of General Transcription which is just typing.

    And, with every type of business, the hard part is marketing yourself, which is where some good old-fashioned networking will come in handy. 🙂

    Pricing varies. You can charge by the hour (in the audio) or by hour (in your actual typing time). In the course, there are practice audios so you’ll be able to figure out exactly how long it takes you to transcribe an hour long audio.

    The place where I find most of my helpers is since I get to know the ladies personally before hiring them. You can also run specials on some of the busier marketing forums like to attract clients. 🙂

    Are you signed up for my course at Most of those ideas will also work for Service Professionals. Take a peek.


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