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Don’t Start Over – Reinvent Yourself

Another Guest Blog Post by my Wonderful Friend Susanne Myers

Do you ever feel stuck in your online business? After you’ve been writing content, creating product and marketing for a while, you get to a point where things just start to feel stagnant, no matter what you do. Traffic and profits aren’t growing the way they used to and let’s face it, there are only so many different ways you can say “eat less and work out more” or whatever the main idea for your particular niche is.

Your first reaction may be to start over in something completely new, but it’s often not the smartest idea. I’d like to suggest a slightly different strategy instead that gives you a little more leverage.

You’ve spent months or years on your original website and more importantly on the products you are offering. Leverage the time and effort by reinventing yourself instead of starting over. No idea what I’m talking about? Let me illustrate…

Let’s say you are in the “weight loss for new moms” niche. Instead of moving into “getting out of debt” niche next, rework what you have already to fit the “weight loss for men” or “weight loss for seniors” or “weight loss for work at home entrepreneurs” niche.

Sure, you will have to modify and edit your products, and you still have to set up and market a new website. But, believe me, it will be a lot faster and easier than starting on something completely new. You have spent the time to learn a lot about losing weight and are already an established expert in your market. This will lend you immediate credibility and of course also make it easier to create fresh content for the new site.

But it goes deeper than that. You have an existing customer and prospect base that’s (hopefully) happy with your products and the results they get from them. Let’s go back to the weight loss example. If you’re in the new mom market there, those moms have husbands and parents. If you created products catering to both those demographic and shared this with your existing customers (the new moms), don’t you think they would recommend you to their husbands and parents (provided the later need to lose weight).

Moving into a different subniche within your main market, can give you some serious leverage that will make it faster and easier to set up and will result in faster sales because of immediate credibility and referrals.

Of course you want to make sure that the new niche you are considering moving into is profitable.

Susanne Myers

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