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Passive Residual Income – for Work at Home Moms!

Hurricane Dennis really made me think about all the people who were unable to work during the storm. Most businesses were closed for at least 3 days. How would 3 days of lost income affect your family? It's a solid reminder for me of how important it is to develop passive residual income — the kind that you keep making whether you are working or not.

There are several ways to set up passive or residual income streams.

Start a website – Set up your own money-maker. I've compiled some Web Hosting Site Reviews for my favorite hosting plans.

Join free affiliate programs for Work at Home Moms (WAHMs): There are many great affiliate programs out there selling anything from books to bras. 😉 You can make money by selling them on your website or blog.

Make your own products and get affiliates to sell for you:
If you're selling an electronic product (ebooks or audio product), I just found this great new marketplace to list your ebooks. Getyour free account now…

Set up an autoresponder, so your messages are going out whether you are home or not! (ecourses, staying in touch with past customers,your affiliates, or your team, getting repeat sales – all running at the same time, automatically)

And, of course, visit our Direct Sales Resource if you are in a Direct Sales business. Build your customer base and your team and you'll have residual income, too.

Are you making money when you are not working? If not, my challenge to you is to do one thing to get you on the road to making passive residual income today!

That's my thought for the day. I hope you have a fantastic week.

PS. You are welcome to try the autoresponder that I love (30 days free):

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