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Weird Niche: Anti-Theft Products for Office Break Rooms

Welcome to another edition of  Weird Niche Wednesday. This week's post brought back a lot of great memories for me.

Unlike a lot of people, I LOVED my old job that I had before I started to work from home. I had the best boss in the world and he was very good to me, had a fabulous co-worker, and got to be creative and run projects. Life was good.

But, anyone who's worked in a large office building knows that the break room can be a war zone! 🙂

Your mugs always disappear.

Your lunches sometimes walk off.

Your snacks get eaten.

Someone must have had a rougher break room at their office complex than I did, because some ingenuity was born.

Announcing the products that will keep your co-workers away from your stuff.

The Always Dirty Mug.

First, we have the “dirty mug”. It's actually clean, but no one will touch it if it's sitting on the counter. It'll be ready for you and waiting every day.

Click here to Check out the Dirty Mug

Rotten Sandwich Bags.

Next we have the “rotten sandwich” lunch bags. LOVE this one.


This is a screen shot from Perpetual Kid. Very cute site.
Check out the Rotten Lunch Bags Here.

Toxic Lunch Containers.

And, last, but certainly not least, we have the toxic waste meal container. No one's going to open that container.

Click here for the Atomic Food Containers

Surprisingly, I'm getting a bit hungry writing this, so I'm off to raid my fridge. 🙂

Let me know what you think about this week's weird niche. And, have a great day!


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  • Lisa Marie Mary

    This is totally awesome – I completely love it! I know even teachers experience ‘break room theft’, or I guess that would be ‘teacher’s lounge theft’. That really shocked me to find out – it happened a lot at my kids’ first school.

    These ‘devices’ are so cool! The moldy sandwich is a scream! And I just ran into that site yesterday somehow…too funny!

  • Marie

    Pretty clever!

  • Joe

    Those are awesome Nicole!! HAHA! I’ve got to get some of these for my lunches. I still work my day job and have my internet business at night. So I’m still going into the office everyday. Its not bad, good people and a good boss help.

    These are perfect though!


  • Captain Rob

    Ahoy Nicole,

    OMG those products are SO funny!!! Harharhar

    The moldy bread is great! I love it. The dirty mug is pretty cool too.

    Your Pirate Lifetsyle friend,


  • The Mom

    Okay Honey… these are WAY too funny. However, the moldy sandwich looks vaguely familiar. Didn’t I pull one of those out of D’s backpack? 😀

    I scrolled around the Perpetual Kid site for a bit… lmao! With a little bit of time and money a person could trash their house quite nicely! Very fun!

    Thanks for the giggles today!

    • Nicole

      Mother…. lol. ((shaking fist))

      Yes, you probably did pull a moldy sandwich out of our D’s school backpack. Or out of the car. Or out of the living room…

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