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How to Personalize T-Shirts Online if you’re Graphically Challenged Like I Am.

Hey guys. As you can tell, I'm getting my outfits lined up for January & February.

I've got a lot of travel planned. The Cruise is in the beginning of January, then NAMS is the end of January, and then I'll be traveling to Bob’s Online Profits Academy event at the end of February.

So, I need outfits. 🙂

As I mentioned in my post about “What to wear to Internet Marketing Conferences” – I love being comfortable at events, but I also like the ability to brand myself  and help people to remember my name. It makes it easier to network with people when you're not constantly doing the “where's her nametag” dance. Eye contact, drop eye contact quickly to find name tag without letting her know you forgot her name already, eye contact again….  so, I figured I'd just make it easy for people to know who the heck I am.

The problem is that I'm NOT a graphics designer at all, so was never really my cup of tea. Plus, I really prefer simple designs, especially at professional events.

Yesterday, I shared my discovery of Personalized Twitter T-shirts which I thought were awesome. But, I can only wear “Hey, I'm @nicoledean” shirts for a few of the five days that I'll be at NAMS without feeling silly.

So, I was really psyched when my friend, Arika Lewis, showed me this site where you can pretty much custom design every piece of clothing that you'd wear – hoodies, t-shirts, bags, and even down to your undies.

If you can type, you can design. 🙂

Plus, it's very affordable. (Pssst. Guys, it's not just for “girls”.)

430x600 computer love

This promo link will take you to a page where you can get gift cards based upon your purchase size, $10 tees for ladies or $14.97 for men, and also free shipping on orders over $50.

I'm not sure if the coupon code also works, yet, as I haven't placed my order, but hopefully someone can post and let me know. 🙂
15% off @ Customized with Coupon Code 4MyC

Share your designs below if you make yourself a shirt. I can't wait to see!


PS. These aren't just a great idea for live events. I'll be wearing mine to the grocery store. Free advertising, baby! Woo hoo! 🙂

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Arika

    Hey, yes the coupon code works girly! AND…as for the gift cards – here’s the dealio:

    You have to enter and apply the code: GIFTC (after you enter & apply the discount code Nicole gave you above).

    I wasn’t sure if mine worked or not so in the notes field of my order I mentioned it just in case.

    Based on your purchase you’ll receive the following gift card:

    Spend $40 & you’ll get a $10 Gift Card
    Spend $60 & you’ll get a $20 Gift Card
    Spend $80 & you’ll get a $30 Gift Card

    Gift Card Codes and PIN are delivered via email after you place your order. (The gift card # and PIN come in 2 separate emails).

    Hope that helps – sure did me! I have almost my entire NAMS wardrobe DONE! 🙂

  • Ron McGregor

    Hi Nicole,
    Good idea!I am one of those people that forgets their name as soon as they tell me.I’m sure there are lots of people just like me,so having my website address in front of them will help them remember.

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