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Testing and Tracking – a Necessary Evil. Bleck.

Hi again! I've had a crazy weekend. My adorable 3 year old broke her leg jumping off the couch. 🙁 After we both stopped crying, it made me very thankful that I am here at home so I can carry her to the bathroom, kiss her little head and hang out eating popcorn and watching movies together — which is where I'll be as soon as I send this message.

On the business front, I wanted to talk about Testing and Tracking.
This is an issue we discuss in depth at MomMasterminds
and it's one part of my job that I don't enjoy at all – but I do it because it is vital to my business.

Whether you are with Direct Sales or you own your site, testing and tracking a very important issue. It's important, because you need to know what is working for you and also know what is a waste of your time and money.

With Direct Sales, you can test and track in a number of ways. If you promote with advertising or fillers, put a promotional code on your ad. Try a few different codes to see which one is the most effective.

For instance —
“Mention and Get Free Shipping”
“Mention and Get a Free Gift”
“Say that you found us at and get 2 for the price of 1!”

That way you'll know whether that method of advertising is working for you — by how many people say “I saw your filler in MomPacks – and by which offer draws the best response.” Easy!

More information about Fillers

Also, any time you get a new customer or lead, simply ask “How did you hear about us?” It definitely shows you where your advertising efforts are paying off.

If you own your own site, you can use a free program called I use the free version on several of my smaller sites. All I had to do was insert a small bit of code into my pages and it shows how my visitors find my sites (search
engines or referrals), how long they stay, and how many pages they look at.

I'm sure you can envision how useful this information is for me. Sometimes, though, I just laugh at the search terms that people use to find my site. Crazy things! 😉

Once you start tracking, you'll see where you can save time and money — and that's a good thing.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic. Stop by the ShowMomTheMoney network to share your ideas.

Have a great week!

PS. Is time management a struggle? If so, check out the time management section at

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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