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Ooh. I’m tagged.. and tagged.. and tagged..

I've been tagged by several friends and I've been remiss in playing the game! (Bad friend. Bad, bad friend!)

So, here I go…

First, my dear friend, Vera tagged me with the 8 Random Facts about Me Game.

Hmm… 8 things about Me? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

1. I was a Camp Counselor one summer. I lived in a tent for the summer before I started college. One story my husband just thinks is hilarious is this…

I had a pretty troubled 6th grade girl in my group one session. She was dropped off with warnings and obviously had a hard time socially. Anyway, our group planned a field trip to an air show. I had on my little camp uniform and was wearing one of those necklaces that had my camp name. (I'm not telling what my camp name was. Too embarrassing. We'll just say it was a bird, and leave it at that.) The necklace was one of those that we made in arts and crafts. It hung on a piece of brown leather, and was a chunk of wood that I'd burned my name into with a little camp-toolie thing. This is getting waaaaay too embarrasing.

Anyway, we're at the air show, and I see this girl go to the van and grab a back pack. My “something's wrong” radar goes off, so I watch and see she's heading alone into the crowd. Obviously that's not cool since we used the Buddy Policy (and I knew she was making a run for it).

So, being the wise and responsible 18 year old that I was.. ((rolling eyes at self)) I headed after her. She's dodging through the crowd. I'm dodging after her. She looks back and sees me and breaks into a dead run. I hustle after her and tackle her like a football player (flying through the air and everything). I'm sitting on her and, of course, a crowd gathers round.

What do I do?

Being the wise person I am, I hold up my HOMEMADE wooden name necklace (that doesn't even have my real name on it) and yell …

“It's ok. I'm a Camp Counselor!”

For some reason, people thought that a piece of wood hanging on a leather string was sufficient proof that, as an adult, I could be sitting on a 12 year old screaming girl and they wandered off. (Which may be one of the reasons I became fascinated with Social Psychology after that.) lol.

I got nice letters from that girl for years. I guess she tested me .. and I passed? No idea, but it's one random fact about me.

7 more weird things about me coming your way… (unless I just scared you off). 😉


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