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Jimmy D. Brown’s Office vs. Mine

I'm a paying member of and have been since December of 2005. I love it!

Well, last month, Jimmy posted pictures of his office — with a bunch of amazing tips for being more productive. His office is … GORGEOUS. I can't spill the beans — (you'd have to join to see all the fun stuff) — but, I've got to say I think I could LIVE in his office!

Since Jimmy knows I just think the world of him, and that I'm not *quite* as organized as he is, here's my Homfice (Home Office) for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

How Not to Set up a Productive Office
by Nicole Dean

I set out to share with you how I've set up my homfice. The first thing I did was grab my trusty new little digital camera that I LOVE! (My other one stopped working after the kids took pictures of me doing flip turns in the swimming pool — I'm wondering if the effort of taking pictures of me in my swim suit was just too much for the poor little camera and it just rolled over dead from the effort? 😐 Anyway, here's my new camera –> Canon PowerShot SD1000 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Black).)

The first picture is of my office chair…

The Dog Ate My Chair

Yes, the dog ate my chair.

So, then I was going to show you a picture of my dog. I got my trusty little camera and called him… “Come here, Eddie! Come on good boy!” and he hid under the desk.

Being intuitively-challenged, I kept calling him, grabbed his squeaky ball, tried to coax him out from under my desk with no luck. (Picture me laying on the floor, still in my jammies holding a squeaky ball and a camera. The things I do for my blog readers!)

After struggling with no luck, I called my 10 year old son into the room to help. My son looks at me like I'm daft and says “You know he's afraid of the camera, right?”

Obviously I didn't. 😐

So, like a good blogger, I go back to the task at hand. I asked my son to pet the dog so I could get a picture of my naughty puppy.

Here you go.. the stinker dog with my sweetie boy!

Bad dog.

He's awfully cute considering he's eaten a portion of my office chair, a chunk from my exercise bike seat, several book cases, every Barbie shoe in the house, a few boxes of crayons, and many other things I'm embarrassed to admit. But, he's getting better all the time! (You know I'm talking about the dog, right?)

More soon on this topic. But, I would love to see pictures of YOUR office, too! Please blog about your office and comment with the link below. πŸ™‚

UPDATE: The report isn't available at anymore but you can still get it. So, if you're nosy like I am, then run over to to peek inside Jimmy's office. I know you want to!

Looking forward to reading your thoughts. And, I'm taking more embarrassing pictures that I'll post soon. πŸ™‚


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Annette

    Too funny Nicole. My “office” for the most part is my kitchen counter strewn with papers and stuffed animals… and m&ms. And I ain’t postin’ pictures!

    And I agree…Jimmy’s office is fabulous. But where’s his coffee pot?

  • K.C. Gagne

    The office of Connecting Rainbows

  • darina

    Yeah I agree with you Jimmy’s office looks fab ! I couldn’t even begin to show you mine at the moment, it’s next on my hit list !! We had builders in for a few months and it became the dump room and unfortunately although the builders are well gone my office is still the dump room ! so need to get that sorted and perhaps then I’ll share some pics πŸ™‚

  • Administrator

    Annette, I wonder if he drinks coffee? I’ll have to ask him. πŸ™‚

    KC. You’re WAY too organized. Now I’m embarrassed to post more pictures. (I’m jealous!)

    Darina, I’m with you. I took a few more pictures, but realized you could see dog fur on the floor in all of them. (Whose idea was it to get this puppy anyway?!) πŸ˜‰ I’ll sweep and then take more.

  • Aurelia

    I couldn’t help but to LOL while reading your post!! Cute kid and cute dog (lol)

  • maria

    Hi Nicole,

    I don’t see any pictures of Jim’s office on that site.


  • Administrator

    The pics are in the membership area, not on the sales page. So, only members can see them. I’ve been a member for awhile, as I mentioned. I’m hooked.

    Thank you, sweetie. The puppy has been sick the last few days, but we’re nursing him back to health again. Poor baby!


  • Diana Walker

    Oh, I loved your post, Nik! That is hilarious! Really enjoyed seeing photos of your son and doggie too.

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