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Hi. What a crazy week. Do you ever feel like that? Like your brain is on overdrive and nothing makes sense? Well I'm in one of those weeks. Yes, no matter whether you are just starting out or you've got an established profitable business – you still have these ebbs and flows that can throw you for a loop.

That's when having systems and a plan in place are so critical. You don't HAVE to think. You just do the next thing on your list. 😉

For instance, yesterday was Weird Niche Wednesday here on my blog, so I knew what I had to do. I had to find a weird niche and write about it. So, I wrote about Cat Butts. Yes, it IS a niche.

Don't believe me? You can see for yourself: Cat Butts Niche

Speaking of niches, my very good friend, Susanne Myers, who is a flippin' genius in my opinion, has put together a system for finding profitable niches.

“Big, fat, hairy deal”, you might say. “What does this mean to me?”

Good question!

Well, it can mean one of two things:

1. Help you to INSTANTLY get started in a new niche and take it to profit.
2. Help you to IMPROVE your income in the niche that you're in, if it's one of the two she's researched.

She absolutely loves to research keywords and domains and find profitable niches. (“Profitable” is the operative word.) So, she's decided to put together a sort of “Niche Profits in a Box for Affiliate Marketers” for various profitable niches, based upon research that she's personally done herself.

AND she's including a step-by-step system for profiting (which she TOTALLY could be selling separately).

We're testing the market with two brand new Niche Packs.

– Blogging for Profit
– Debt Reduction

Each of the two packs contains the following:

– Who your target market for this niche is
– List of affiliate products available that you can promote for profit
– 100 domain name ideas (plus list of modifiers for hundreds more)
– Detailed keyword report containing 1000 keywords for this niche
– 100 article and blog post ideas/titles
– 15 different author resource boxes
– 2 different detailed marketing plans (beginner and advanced) with action steps to get you up and running right away.
– List of available PLR products for this niche. (You'll need content, right?)
– Recommended tools and resources

Like I said, she's testing this at a low low price to see what the response will be.

Here's where you can go right now to check them out –

Getting out of Debt Niche System.

Blogging for Profit Niche System.

If you're confused, here's the scoop:

–> These new niche packs will help you cut through the clutter and point you to proven, profitable niches. (No more guessing.)

–> She then provides you with step-by-step instructions to get started in (or dominate) that niche – for profits.

–> If you're already in these markets – this research is even more valuable.

If used, these can be powerful little critters.

Go check them out –

Getting out of Debt Niche System.

Blogging for Profit Niche System.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nicole Dean

PS. If you're in a market other than the two listed above, be sure to sign up for Susanne's update list and, once you do, email her with your niche so she can consider adding a niche profit pack for your topic, as well.

PS again. I don't think “Cat Butts” is a very profitable niche, but you'd have to ask Susanne to be sure. 😉


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