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Weird Niche: Cat Butts

After last week's Weird Niche Wednesday about Pet Wigs  – I decided to stick with the cat theme. (If you missed it, you can check out the Dog Wigs and Cat Wigs — if you dare.) 😉

So, we're going where we haven't gone yet. Cat Butts.

Yes, some niches make you go “Hmm…” and this one makes you go “HUH?!”  You know I may not be much of a home decorator, but I've never ever considered going with a “Cat Butt” theme. EVER. You?

Well, if you had, you'd have been in luck.

First, as every home owner with pets knows, sometimes you need a breath of fresh air in your home. It can get a little stale with the cat box and other pet smells that happen with life.

Never fear – you can get these Air Fresheners, decorated with, you guessed it! Cat Butts!


Click here to check out the Cat Butt Air Freshener.

They call it “wit on a string” and I concur. (Pssst. It doesn't smell like cat butt. I promise.)

Then, when having parties, the Cat But theme continues. Your guests could set their drinks on a snazzy but sensible Cat Butt Coaster so as not to damage your furniture.

Click here to check out the Cat Butt Coasters. I know you want to!

But, the fun isn't done yet. What about your home office? (I apologize in advance for this one, guys.)

Yes, a pencil sharpener!

Click here to check out the Cat Butt Pencil Sharpener.

From the Description: Sharp-End Keep your pencils pointed with the hilarious meowing cat pencil sharpener. Insert a pencil into the cat's rear-end and it meows in protest while you sharpen. Wouldn't you? A fun desk accessory that will have the whole office yowling.

And, oh, how I wish I was done, but there's more…

We can't forget the fridge!

Click here to check out the Cat Butt Magnets Plus Cat Butt Field Guide.

I think having those magnets on the fridge has the potential to work better than any diet program on earth.

All I can say is that I know a lot of cat lovers — and Christmas is coming soon. 🙂 Be afraid. Be very afraid.

And, of course, thanks for reading. I hope that I made you smile.

Nicole Dean

PS. Oh yeah. This is supposed to be about business lessons and finding niches. I got nuthin' on this one, though. Your thoughts?


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