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My Blog Tour Guide is getting rave reviews as a breakthrough method of generating traffic to your website.

-> Better than article marketing? Heck yeah.

-> Better than begging affiliates to promote you? Definitely.

-> Better than chocolate? Not a chance. 😉

Here's what Carrie Wilkerson said about my Blog Tour guide on Twitter:

See original Tweet here to confirm:

Here's what Lexi Rodrigo said about my Blog Tour Guide. Her blog was one of the ones that I stopped at during my tour.

Hi Nik,

Frankly, I wish you hadn't written the Blog World Tour Guide. I would have wanted to remain one of the few who knew about this secret ninja strategy for getting more traffic, subscribers and buyers.

I know the Blog World Tour works, because I own one of the blogs you toured. As a result of you touring my blog, I had more readers and made more affiliate sales than ever. I also saw an increase in participation on my blog.

But the best part, I think, was that I had terrific content on my blog that I was truly proud to share with my readers and Twitter followers. And my readers were thrilled to win a few prizes from you as well.

It was win-win for everybody involved: the guest expert, the blog owner, and the blog readers.

After seeing these results from your Blog World Tour, I plan to go on a blog tour myself. And now I've got your blueprint to do it, step by step. Including your forms, and emails I can swipe.

I'm glad you have different suggested schedules, because I don't think I could manage to post daily for several weeks. I've been posting daily on my own blog for the whole of October and it's been a real challenge. Not sure I want to keep doing that.

Oh and I'm also going to recommend this strategy to my clients who want to give their infoproduct businesses a quick shot in the arm.

I can't wait to tell you about the results of my own blog tour. Watch out for it!

Lexi Rodrigo

Can this method work in niches outside of Internet Marketing? Yep.

Here's what Susanne of said:

“I did a much shorter blog tour than Nicole. Mine is turning out to be 5 weeks long. Some blogs I posted on all week, others preferred one post a week for 4 weeks and I fit in a few single guest posts as well. The results – so far my traffic is up 20.55%, my newsletter readership has increased by over 2,000 and I have made quite a few sales.

By far my favorite part though is that I've gained a few new affiliates that might just turn out to become super affiliates and I was able to get a few others who had joined my affiliate program a while back to actively promote my ebooks.

Last but not least, my own affiliate income has increased by 15% as well, and I've been spending less time than usual on the Hillbilly Housewife website.”

Note: Susanne already had a list and a good readership when starting AND she implemented the info as I laid out in the plan.

If you sell any of your own products or services online – this can help you to get more traffic & more sales.

If you'd like to check it out, here's the link:
How to Get More Traffic & Affiliates & JV Partners Through a Blog Tour

As always, I want your trust more than I want your money, so, if you'll buy this and USE it – you'll benefit. If it'll sit on your hard-drive, then get back to work, and we'll connect soon. 🙂

Thank you for your trust.

Nicole Dean

PS. If you're a Virtual Assistant and you've studied this guide, don't forget to get on our list of VA's who are Blog Tour Certified. 🙂 A pdf of VA's will go out to all customers as a special bonus. After you've bought it and studied the guide, if you want to be added to a list of qualified service providers who offer this service that I'll send to past customers in a few weeks, just email with your name, URL, and email address.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Nell Taliercio

    I tell you what, Nik, I think you landed on a gold mine with this blog tour jazz! Powerful tool every business owner should at least try once!


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