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My Mentors? Here’s what I’d tell my Best Friend…

I received a really good question today from a mom.

There are so many learning opportunities out there, and I get a ton of emails. How do I know who to trust — and, more importantly, what to spend money on?

Oh my goodness. I sure know what you mean. I could easily spend thousands of dollars each month on learning opportunities. I love to absorb this stuff, don't you?

However, I'm going to give you the advice I'd give one of my coaching clients — or even my best friend.

A few months back, I posted about my monthly expenses < — Read them there.
There is one place I'd say to focus on when learning if you're working on your online business.

There is only one place I'd send you and that is to my personal Mentor, Jimmy D. Brown. He's a GREAT guy and he totally overdelivers.The cool thing is that right now, his List & Traffic site is loaded with months of learning — but as of tomorrow (Feb. 1st), he's going to start cleaning it out every month on the 1st (to make room for the new courses). So, if you've been thinking of joining, do it today – go log in and grab everything you can. Absorb it. Apply it. And watch your business grow. 🙂Click here to sign up. < — I'll see you in there.

. < — I'll see you in there.That's where I'd send my best friend for advice, and I do send friends there regularly.

To get a flavor for what Jimmy D. Brown offers, here's a free ebook he's written — enjoy!

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