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Article Killers — Are you ready for some Advanced Article Marketing?

I've been preaching about Duplicate Content for a long time. It seems to only be impacting Google search engine traffic at this time (not MSN or yahoo) — but, it pays to be a little extra careful.

For about the last year, I've been using keyword-rich titles in my articles to drive different search engine traffic to them — and have been altering my articles as I submit them to different directories. This is advanced Article Marketing stuff, but I do think some of you are ready for it.

Here's a report written by a fellow Internet Marketer I met in a forum through a paid site we both belong to.
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I agree with most of it — and I do hope that you open your mind to the ideas in it. This is not a “The Death of Article Marketing” report, but I am going to say that things are changing and, as for me, I want to be on the front of change, rather than dragging behind. 😉

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PS. Of course, if article marketing is new to you, then you'll want to check out

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  • Arika

    I hear that Nicole. I’m so sick of the Death of…(insert your topic of choice), but even if it’s not right on there are still some pieces you can take from it and like you I too want to be on the front end of things.

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