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Website Stats if you’re in Direct Sales

The other day, I mentioned some ways to use your web stats if you have your website hosted with a regular host.

However, I know a lot of my readers are in Direct Sales and have very few, if any, stats available to them. That, unfortunately, IS a problem.

Here's where I'm going to jump on my soapbox and lecture. 😉

If you're investing all your time and energy into your Direct Sales business (as you well should if that's your focus) — if you have NO website of your own, you're not building an online presence — and you're making a mistake, in my opinion.

Think about it for a minute. What if your Direct Sales company decides to cancel its Consultant program, or the new management is unethical, or it goes out of business, OR… what if you find a new company that you love even better?! Then, all your hard work is gone, the minute you terminate your contract. Even if you've built up a ton of advertising expenses — it's ALL gone.

Now, I'm certainly not bashing direct sales. I think it's a great way for Moms to make money from home. However, you do have to be smart about it. Get your own website or blog. Seriously. Even if your company does not allow it. Just don't mention their products or the company by name. Just use your site to collect email addresses, and stay in touch with them.

I hear you now… “I don't know how to build a website.” You don't need to know how!

There's a great sitebuilder that I've recommended for years now and it's especially great for Direct Sales Moms. You don't NEED to learn about building websites — spending time learning that would be distracting from your focus.

Here's the service I recommend: Easy Website Builder (and yes, it's a referral link, but I'd recommend it to my mother and my best friends — heck, I HAVE. Right, Annette? 😉 )  It's really as easy as it gets!

For instance, if you're in a Health-oriented Direct Sales business (because we all know how finicky they are about advertising) — then create a one page site that says “Get my free report on …. topic… Sign up Here” and send your traffic THERE. Even if no advertising at all is allowed, you're in the clear.

From there, you can track your stats in the site builder stats (or website stats) and you're able to see what is and is not working for you — including your advertising.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions about WHY you'd want to create a website … or what to put on it, just post in the comments. I'll be checking my blog daily, so I'm happy to answer your questions.

Have a wonderful week!

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Annette

    🙂 Yepper… I love the easy website builder above and used it to build my site. It’s easy and the results are BEAUTIFUL!

    Great tips as always Nik! You’re the best!

  • Nancy Sutherland

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I will be passing it on to my consultants who are stay at home moms.

  • Shelly Lodes

    What could I put on my website? I am working a business that offers residual type products. We market for fortune 500 companies such as Dish TV, Verizon, AT&T, GE etc. We offer many products. Our Customers pay a monthly bill for these services each month. The advantage is I don’t have to resell them every month. So, with that in mind what could my website focus on? I think your advice is a great, I just am at a loss as to where the best focus for my website would be. Thanks for all your great advice!

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