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Holidays – Make you or Break you

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For many of us, the Holidays are our bread and butter. Are they for you? If your holiday season falls flat, your business year falls flat. If your holidays are rich, your year will be, too.

So, what can you do about it?

You may have a huge list of leads or customers who are interested in your products. If not, then take one of my free courses to find out how.

Then, use the holidays as an opportunity to market to those people. Remind them when their favorite items are on sale or when you launch new products.

If you don't have your own products, then recommend other people's products as an affiliate. Here are some affiliate programs I like:

How can you use them to make sales? Make recommendations, write reviews, or write articles about the products and how you can use them. Of course, integrity is key, so only recommend products that you would recommend to a family member (the family members that you like!) 😉

Please post your questions below.

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  • Karen Davis


    What holiday are you working on now? I am trying to get a feel for the time frame. I have not ever done any holiday marketing.

    On another note, I won a prize on a marketing call last night which was really neat! My own copy of Tim Knox’s affiliate website.

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