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Day 17: Increase Energy with Quick Home Workouts

Today is Day 17 of the Get Fit and Healthy & Lose Belly Fat Challenge. (<– If you’re just discovering the challenge, we'd love to have you join us. We’ll be repeating the same series of exercises this month, so you can jump right in.)

Here's a shout out from Scott for those days when you just don't feel like doing your Quickies.

If you missed the announcements this week, there have been quite a few!

#1 – Team Computer Butt Friday Contest: Let’s Find out Who’s the Squattiest!

On Friday, I’ll be hosting a contest – with prizes.

The 3 squattiest persons (the top three who do the most squats – no weights – from Friday morning until end of day Friday) will win prizes! We’ll all check in throughout the day, but people can continue to beat you and raise the bar all day long so it’s in your best interest to do your squats before noon, so you have time to add to them later in the day if someone blows past you.

For example, if I post 125 squats at 10 in the morning and then Ronnie posts 140, then I can go do 25 more to beat him (and of course trash-talk him) and so it goes. Its kind of like a painful auction! lmao.

I’ll give you full details before Friday, but now you know to watch for it. However, unless you tell me what you want to win, it's going to be Handerpants or Bacon Shoes! So, spill it. 🙂

#2 – The FLQ Transformation Contest begins on September 21st.

One of the grand prizes is a ticket to NAMS 3. How's that for incentive?

If you think that's good, you really should check out all the prizes that Scott is giving away here…

Check it all out here!

#3 – Holy Accountable, Batman!

If you'd like to make yourself truly accountable and increase your odds of reaching your goals significantly, I'm going to raise the stakes.

Send a “before” picture of yourself to Scott via email this week. Preferrably a full body shot.

At NAMS, Scott will go on stage and call all of us up (me included) with our “before” picture behind us to show how effective his program is when followed. 🙂 We'll be giving back to him — and the big thing is that we'll be REALLY motivated every day until them to do our quickies so we look goooooood by that date.

Now, of course, if something happens and you truly don't want your picture up when you're at NAMS, then Scott will respect that. And, you do not have to participate. I'm just doing it mainly to hold MYSELF accountable and to give back to Scott. Although, I may be tempted to call a few of you big chickens if you don't turn in your photos…. 😉

Now here's something really cool… Scott raised the stakes another notch.

#4 – $500 Cash Prize will be Awarded!

Actually, I'll let Scott explain:

I will have a special prize for those that follow through with the contest and show up at NAMS as well…

I'm going to take the top 10 contestants from the FLQ contest who achieved the best fitness, business, life transformation during the FLQ contest and the additional month leading up to NAMS 3, put their names in a hat and draw one name. The winning name picked out of the hat will win a $500 cash prize. But they have to be at the NAMS 3 event.

It'll be great to have you all on stage with me and give the winner $500 cash in front of everyone there.

Don't forget to post your updates so I don't have to track you down on Twitter!

If you’re reading this and would like to do the Fat Loss Quickie program and join in the fun, click on the graphic below. It’s only $20 for all of your quickie workout videos, a personal trainer who you can ask questions here, plus my awesome community of kick-butt marketers sweating with you and cheering you on.

Let’s find 10 minutes every day to get healthier so we can enjoy the LIFESTYLE that we’re working towards.

((hugs)) to all.

PS. If you haven’t listened to my interview with Scott Tousignant yet, here it is: Fat Loss Quickie Interview: Achieve Success in your Business

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  • Erica Cosminsky

    Good morning everyone,
    Off to a good start today. Still having issues with lunges. I had my best friend come over and try to help me balance but I just cannot get lowered down. So I worked in the alternate leg workout with the regular workout. My new goal is to strengthen my legs enough to do lunges. It irks me that I can’t do them.

    Something clicked in my brain that Nicole had said no weights for Friday’s challenge. Last Friday when I was only able to do 30 squats, I was doing it with 30 lbs of weights. It didn’t occur to me to lower the weight! I was able to do 70 squats with no weight. Still don’t know that I can do 100 and I feel kind of silly but…

    I wondered if anyone else was seeing any changes in their business. I had a potential client that follows me on Twitter so he has seen what we are doing. It apparently peaked his interest and he called me late last night. He made the comment that it seemed like I have a lot more energy and that I wasn’t as stressed as the two times we had talked before. Then he hired me for a $3,000 contract over the next 30 days.

    I have been in business for 9 months and I have never had a single contract for that amount. I seriously doubt I would have gotten this contract before and I’m still a little in shock. So now I’ve decided to completely revamp my website. It’s too dark and hohum.

    • Arika

      OH Erica that is GREAT news! 🙂

      I love hearing your progress and am so inspired by you in so many ways!


    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Hey Erica,

      I absolutely love that you continue to push yourself and try the lunges. It will come and I can’t wait until the day that you celebrate that victory.

      Congratulations on scoring that great contract. I can certainly feel your amazing positive energy through your tweets and comments here.

      This is what I’m talk’n about! I know that our crew is going to stand out at NAMS 3 because we will be ooozing confidence and radiating positive energy. I guarantee that it will create many more opportunities for all of us there.

      Keep up the outstanding work Erica and thanks for being the first to send in their before pictures.

      You ROCK!

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Wow – having a pretty cool day today. And here’s what I thought of while Scott was talking – my head hurt pretty badly yesterday – but, I did exercise in like …3-4 minute bursts – and you know what? It felt good! It was feeling so good I was wishing I could do the whole 12 minutes – but, I’m just glad I did it! May have even helped the whole ‘blood flow’ thing and let the headache end sooner. Who knows…

    Inky winky headache today – gonna go do the vid that Scott has on Sparkplugging today. Late start – head was hurting more earlier.

    All this stuff coming down the pike from this week that you’ve listed here is really cool!! Well, all except for BACON SHOES!!! LOL

    If I haven’t joined Scott’s program by the time of the challenge and I win – I would love for you to do that for me. Otherwise – you know me, come on! I want PLR – I LOVE your PLR!!! Hee!

    Hey, I gotta go – can’t sit here commenting all day wit ya – I’ve got exercising to do!! ;P

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    That was funny! My lumbering like a RHINO as my thighs BURN LIKE ACID, 120lb. dog following my. every. step. – back and forth, back and forth… then 120lb dog LIES DOWN in the middle of the tiny open space in master bedroom exercise arena.


    But I did it! Woohoo! And with time to spare, before teens get home to laugh at my lumbers! Ha!

  • Kelly

    Is that the sound of shrinking butts I hear?

  • Kevin "Mr Ebay" Johnson

    Hey everybody,
    Kevin “Mr Ebay” Johnson checking in! Did my Quickie workout this morning…no cardio…was running late for my daughter’s Grandparents Day lunch at her school. Really great to be able to attend events like this during the day…no job to go to anymore…

    Also started my Nutri System Diabetic program today…..Yumm yumm……

    Kevin “Mr Ebay” Johnson

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Hey Kevin, it’s moments like you had today that really make me appreciate the lifestyle that we’ve created.

      I am so grateful that I get to attend everything that my kids do at school and be involved in the fun stuff they’ve got going on.

      I’m going to be following along with your experience on the Nutri System Diabetic program. I’m looking forward to hearing your report on how it works for you.

      Hope that you have an affiliate link 😉

  • Angela Wills

    Checking in. Today I did both quickies. I just realized I really won’t be around on Friday for the contest (oh DARN! lol) because I am voluteering at school every Friday. I will be back after lunch though so I’ll at least make an effort to win when I get home, just hope you won’t be up to like 300 by then!

    Nicole where’s your check in? 😉


  • Lexi Rodrigo

    Aw, man, Nik I hate contests. I am absolutely intimidated and terrified so count me out of the Computer Butt Friday challenge. Good luck to those who do participate!

    By the way I finally blogged about the Fat Loss Quickie workouts here:


    • Nicole

      Awww.. still please do the squats, even if you don’t post about them.

      And, the great thing about this contest is that EVERYONE wins because we’re all doing the exercises. 🙂

  • Nicole

    I did it!

    Went on an 8 or so mile FAST bike ride with mom, since we had to get back by a certain time for me to pick up my daughter.

    And, did the workout portion. Holy lunges! And, those exercises where you put your feet on the ball and bend your legs towards your butt? I forgot how effective those are.

    Plus, the jack-knifes (I think they’re called) where you have your hands on the floor and bring the ball in to your belly? I couldn’t do those the first two weeks, but have obviously gained some core strength and balance, because they were a breeze today.

    Go us!!!

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