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Hosting Multiple Websites Tip

Good morning!

When I was at NAMS in Atlanta last month, I realized something rather disturbing. Several of the beginners there were purchasing a new hosting account every time they bought a new domain (URL).

eek! So, while that's not a big deal when you're actually making money, several of these ladies hadn't earned their first affiliate check yet, but were paying quite a bit to host their handful of accounts each month. (Some as much as $50 or more per month.)

That was only part of the problem. I do a lot of one-on-one brainstorming at NAMS. And, several times, I'd be brainstorming with one of the attendees and we'd discover their potentially biggest profit, their passion, and their target niche was something other than what they were working on. The more excited I got for their new business model, the more I saw their eyes start to veil over, as if something was worrying them.

After probing a bit, I figured out that they were thinking “another monthly payment… adding more to my monthly expenses” and they were worried about that. Heck, I would be, too! So, this missing piece for them was costing them FUTURE profits, too. OUCH.

Here's the thing. Once you have an unlimited hosting account (for under $15), then you don't have to buy a new one each time you purchase a new domain! You just ADD that new URL to your hosting and it works exactly the same.

If you're using – all you do is contact support and let them know about your new domain. They'll set it up for you and send you an email with your new logins – no charge at all for this service. 🙂

If you're using or one of the other popular web hosts, it's a bit trickier, but they do have training on their website to show you how to do it.

I know many of you already know this, and I'd assumed that it was common knowledge, but I was wrong. So, I hope this saves some of you some money and helps you to see profits faster by reducing your monthly expenses.

To recap: To add a new website or blog…

  • Purchase the domain name.
  • If you haven't already, upgrade your webhosting to include multiple accounts for only a few dollars more.
  • Add that new domain to your existing hosting.
  • Add your blog like you normally would – just make SURE you're in the right folder if you use HostGator. If you're using this part is super-easy.

Then you're up and running!

I hope this was helpful to everyone paying too much for web hosting.


PS. I'd love to have you join us at NAMS <- please check it out. 🙂

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Kelly

    Nicole, the coolest thing about Reliable Webs is that your multiple domain hosting account comes with a Web Hosting Manager (WHM) that puts the client in control of their hosting account. Each website they add has its own cpanel – none of the ‘add on’ nonsense that complicates the back end and makes moving websites later a pain in the behind.

  • Sherri Traylor

    Hi Nicole,

    I’m sooo glad you brought this up! I had that exact problem when I was starting out last year. I too didn’t realize I didn’t have to get a new hosting account every time I purchased a domain. Luckily I learned after the second one (thanks to the awesome Lynn Terry) and was able to call HostGator to get them combined.

    There are so many things that someone new to the internet business doesn’t understand. You explained it really well and I’m sure you’ve saved a lot of people time and money with this post :).

    I’ve already signed up for NAMS3 (I attended NAMS1 but couldn’t make it to #2). I can’t wait to learn from you as well as the other great people David always invites to share their knowledge and experience.

    I wish I had known about your blog when I first started out, but I’m making up for it now 🙂
    You rock my dear!

  • Danielle

    Nicole, I think this is such a common thing to think. I thought this to begin with as well. Thank heavens I don’t have to purchase more hosting!!

  • Susanne

    Great post Nicole, I think we all struggled with this in the beginning. Figuring out that there was multiple site hosting was one of the big “AHAAA” moments for me.

    Also wanted to chime in about Reliable Webs. I’ve been working with Scott there as well as with Mom Webs and absolutely love how he handles any question I may have or any issues that rarely come up (usually because I broke something).

    I have a few other hosting packages and don’t get anything close to the support I get with him and his team.

  • Alex Sysoef

    It is the obvious things we miss sometimes – seem like self explanatory to us but a total discovery for people new to the whole scene!

    Thanks for the great tips Nicole!

  • Arika Lewis

    It’s things like this that make a HUGE difference in the beginning, even though it is a tiny thing for most of us. Thanks for bringing this up and helping others to see it doesn’t have to be so complicated OR expensive! 🙂

  • Nell Taliercio

    Oh my goodness, you’re kidding me?! That is terrible. I hope they were schooled in the right way to do this whole hosting thing, so it doesn’t suck all their profits out the door.

    I host with MomWebs and they set me up with some kind of account where I log into the main area and simply add the new domain there. It makes it so easy for me to add/delete domains right from that one panel.


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